Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cats Take It!

Wildcats are Champs

Congratulations to the Villanova Wildcats for winning the FCS championship game over Montana last night.

I think 'Nova's win definitively proves that the best Ivy teams could easily go deep into the FCS playoffs and possibly even win titles once in a while. Penn consistently plays Villanova tough.

I stress this point because one of the reasons we've all been told that the Ivies shouldn't participate in the playoffs is because "we can't win."

Not so much.

Brock Jackolski

Syracuse and Stony Brook grab more Hofstra players

Running back Brock Jackolski has chosen Stony Brook over Towson and New Hampshire. Jackolski grew up on Long Island and is staying close to home.

Wide receiver Aaron Weaver of the Long Island town of Baldwin and tight end Jose Cruz, of Pennsylvania, committed to Syracuse. Each has a year of eligibility.


At Sun Dec 20, 12:53:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger DOC said...

One wonders how our players would feel about being FSC playoff eligible.
We fan-alums might overwhelmingly support the concept, but the athlete
is the one who has to sacrifice free time for travel and practices. Some of this might lead to conflicts with exams at the end of the semester.
At the very least a one game playoff should be instituted to break ties at the top of the standings.
In my opinion the concept of "Co-champions" is
quite frankly, for the birds.


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