Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday Quick Hits

The names of the first members of the class of 2014 are on that truck!

Early Decision Recruits?

We could see some stories in local papers and news sites in the coming days because just hours ago, the early decision letters and packets were sent out of Hamilton Hall.

Usually, only a small handful of football players take this early route and we don't often find out who they are early anyway. But I will keep my eyes peeled.

Baker Complex Future

Many of you are aware that there are more rennovations and additions coming to the Baker Athletics Complex in the coming years.

Today's Columbia Spectator has a piece about the natural preservation efforts Columbia is spearheading in the Inwood area.

More Hofstra Transfers

Another Hofstra player has found a new home. Star running back Miguel Maysonet is staying close by at Stony Brook. Villanova, C.W. Post, Sacred Heart and the University of New Hampshire also expressed interest.

His Hofstra and Riverhead high school teammate, Andrew Smith has received an offer from Albany and has been in contact with coaches at Wagner, Maryland, Temple and Syracuse.

I still have heard no news about a possible Hofstra transfer at any Ivy or even a Patriot League team. I will be shocked if that stays the same over the coming weeks.

Remember the clock is ticking, the transfers must be enrolled in their new schools by the spring semester in order to be eligible for the 2010 season.

Knowles Staying Put

Confounding a lot of Ivy pundits who thought he was toast, Jim Knowles is getting a vote of confidence from his athletic director.

But does he really want to keep that job? As many writers have pointed out, there were very few younger players who emerged on the 2009 Big Red squad. If Cornell improves in 2010, it will be on the backs on more than a few "unknowns."


At Fri Dec 11, 11:28:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Early admits went out yesterday. There are some very good recruited football players who have gotten in early.


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