Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanks Lisa!

Good Football Journalism

Here's the kind of piece about the football team we really need to see a lot more of in the Columbia Spectator.

There were a lot of things I liked about it:

1) It was about something other than the author. (How many articles in the Spec these days are basically a personal diary about the writer and not enough about the external subject? The "Me Generation" doesn't even beging to describe this trend).

2) It was written from the point of view of a fan. It wasn't a slavish, "homer" piece, but it came from a good supportive place.

3) It had a good sense of humor without being ridiculous.

Sadly, the author is a senior and we presumably won't have Ms. Lisa Lewis around next year to cover the team. But we appreciate the effort Lisa, and thank you.

A Road Draw

Guess which opponent drew the best attendance at beautiful Princeton Stadium this fall?

Yep, Columbia.

Remember that rain threatened that entire game, (it didn't come down until about 30 minutes after the final gun), and both teams were a not-too-great 1-1 coming into the contest.

It's amazing the Lions, who of course won 38-0, drew more than Cornell and especially Tiger archrival Yale this year... but we did.

Early Admits

I don't know if this tells us much about football recruiting, but according to a report in the student blog,, the Admissions Department has put out stats for the early decision round of applications for CC/SEAS 2014.

According to Admissions Director Jessica Marinaccio, applications for early decision increased by 2%, to 2,995; 631 were accepted, for an admit rate of 21%.

As for geographical diversity, “the CC and SEAS class includes students from 41 states including Alabama, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, and South Carolina as well as some of our major market areas (New York metro area, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland and Illinois).”

Students from 25 other countries were also accepted, including “Bahrain, Belarus, Ethiopia, Greece, Jordan and Vietnam.”

Let me be optimistic and note that Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, and South Carolina are great high school football country, and of couese so is Massachusetts for the Ivies.

In all seriousness, this all means we really should be hearing news about a few football commits very soon. Be patient.


At Sat Dec 12, 04:01:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that we have 8 early admit football recruits. My numbers differ from yours; perhaps yours include engineering, because my information is that we have 450 early admits out of a poll of around 3,000.

At Sun Dec 13, 03:15:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any speed there?

At Thu Dec 17, 01:30:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the idea of hyping rivalries but, as described in the Spec article, Cornell is an awkward choice.

Other than the fact that Cornell and Columbia are both in New York State, the two universities have very little in common. And despite being in the same state, we don't even have geographic proximity as the foundation of a rivalry.

No, we should be hyping competition against schools with whom we already feel that sense of rivalry. Ask any large sample of Columbia students and especially alumni whom they would most like to defeat in football. I think the answer you will hear most often is Princeton. The Tigers are our "natural" rival, where hyping the game will be easiest to accomplish.

As a side benefit, it's an early season game where, by definition, both teams will still be in contention. That's a bonus for marketing a rivalry that doesn't involve two perennial contenders.


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