Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer... NOT!

Hot Fun in the Summertime

So what's it like in the summer for the typical Columbia football player? Maybe an a hour or two a day of working out and then it's off to the beach? Not exactly.

One Lion parent told me this is what a "normal" day for her son is like this summer break:

6:30am: Get up, shower, eat breakfast.

7:00am: Leave for work, drive 55 miles to the internship that may launch a career one day.

5:00pm: Leave work, drive 75 miles into CU Mondays and Wednesdays for team lift. The remainder of the week is spent in the local gym, meet with the trainer and team doctor if needed.

9:00pm: Leave CU, drive a teammate home (even though it is out of the way, but teams stick together and otherwise the guy would have to take the local bus that would get him in at midnight)

10:00pm: Arrive back home, shower, eat dinner, and go to bed.

I know kids are growing up these days with jam-packed schedules, but that's still a pretty heavy summer schedule for a 19-21 year-old. Of course, it's that kind of summer dedication that leads to more wins and making All-Ivy. And with more Columbia football players sticking aroung campus this summer, hopefully this dedication will be contagious.

Randy Murff (CREDIT: Columbia College Today)

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND NOTE (UPDATED): If anyone out there knows any names of former Columbia athletes who fell in service to our country, please let me know. It would be nice to compile a list. Of course, one person we know is former Lion captain Randy Murff '97. May his memory be a blessing.

And a commenter has alerted me to the memory of Russ Equi, class of '66. Rest in peace.


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Class of '66 -Russ Equi


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