Friday, May 18, 2007

Storming the Field

Joe, #5, with his Mom Behind Him

Incoming freshmen Joe Stormont could be the kickoff specialist we need right away and the field goal kicker will need in a couple years when Jon Rocholl graduates. Joe is also a talented free safety, and that has to intrigue the Lion coaches looking for a replacement for Tad Crawford.

Joe's dad Thomas has been a great source of info for me over the last few months and he's done it again with the following info and great video link:

"For what its worth, Joe is going to be in the Minnesota All Star game June 30th as safety and kicker for the metro team. He is hoping to play 2 positions at Columbia, but that is between Coach Wilson and Joe.

He was 3rd in the nation in total field goals through the regular season (15 of 18) according to maxpreps. You can check it out at MaxPreps and click on field goals.

The only highlight video that is internet compatible is from a Minneapolis tv station when joe was chosen all metro. All of the kids are from the large schools, and all were eventually all state as well. He is featured running down a fullback at 7:08 on the following link, then they did a feature on him as kicker and safety a minute or so later."

And check out what Mr. Stormont has to say about speed and strength in football. This is good stuff:

"My only other comment is on speed and track times, which I noticed some bloggers citing. Joe worked with a college level personal trainer before last football season, and he opened our eyes to what makes a player more "explosive" on the field. More important than how much he can bench press, or his 40,100, or 200 times is the ability of a player to change directions quickly, along with the ability to "see the field". If track times were the best gauge of a football prowess, then every track start would be a football star. If amount of weight lifted was the best gauge, then every "musclehead" from the gym would be the football star. Clearly, they are not. The player who seems to be exciting (explosive), or make things happen on the field, may have straight up speed and great strength, but he usually has the other traits I mentioned. I think this is true."

And isn't it nice to look at this roster and list of incoming recruits and realize that Columbia may actually have some depth at some key positions? As I wrote a few months ago, the single biggest reason for the Lions' woes over the decades has been lack of depth.

And let's give some props to the producers and on-air staff at station KARE in St, Paul/Minneapolis for what is obviously some very good high school football coverage. For those of you reading this site from the New York area, wouldn't you agree that our local TV coverage of high school sports stinks on ice? I know MSG cable does a regular high school football show, (or it did), but in general the bevvy of blue chip recruits in this general area are ignored by the broadcast networks. With 500+ channels available on digital cable, you'd think someone would figure this out.


At Sat May 19, 04:44:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really nice to have a standout placekicker and safety all rolled up into one. The Stormonts appear to be a super family and Joe should have a distinguished career at Columbia.

At Sat May 19, 09:28:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake, can you compare recruiting results at columbia vis a vis our Ivy competitors? All in all, we seem to have a very fine class with first class players and individuals, as exemplified by young Mr. Stormont.

At Mon May 21, 09:15:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger Jake said...

It's really hard to measure until the middle of the season at least. Based on the fact that about 6 freshmen made a big impact last season on the team, I think we can only now say that the '06 recruiting class was one of the best in the Ivies.


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