Friday, May 25, 2007

Stormin' the Beach

CU Owned this Place!

Former Columbia captain Matt Sodl '88 tells me that about 30 people showed up for the dinner last night in Manhattan Beach with Coach Wilson. The crowd included former players, former cheerleaders, and just regular alums.

Some of the boldface names there included:

Bill Strack '86

Charles Johnson, ’71

Billy Hicks, ’87

Bob Giannini, ’89

Duane Bartsch, ’89

Bill Greenberg, mid-50’s?

Jason Tarbart, late 90’s?

Matt says the overriding message from the alums was they want to be more plugged in to the program. He did tell a lot of them about this very blog, so hopefully they'll be happy with it.

Matt also reports that Coach Wilson wants to make retention a serious priority. He's working on ways to make the experience more rewarding and fun for them.

And once again, I'd really love it if anyone who went to either last night's dinner in Manhattan Beach or Wednesday night's affair in Palo Alto could email me some highlights and their own impressions or just let us know in the comments section. My email is

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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