Sunday, September 04, 2011

How Good are They?

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Stony Brook's Maysonet gained 103 yards vs. UTEP, how much will get against Brown?

What We Learned

I thought the most interesting, (and sobering), result from yesterday's games was Albany's near win at Colgate.

The Great Danes took a nice halftime lead, but eventually fell in OT to Nate Eachus and the Raiders 37-34.

Albany QB Dan Di Lella had a very strong game, going 17 of 28 for 239 yards and a TD. But he also threw a costly interception that helped cost the Great Danes the game.

The Payton Award candidate Eachus had a great game as expected with 165 yards on 36 carries.

Albany's much-feared DE Eddie Delaney also did not disappoint with 10 tackles and a sack.

Perhaps a more encouraging result for Lion fans was Sacred Heart's 20-7 loss at home to underdog Marist.

The Red Foxes were 10 point underdogs, but they shut out the Pioneers in the second half.

Sacred Heart was held to just 32 net yards rushing, and neither one of the new Pioneer QB's got much going in the passing game either.

The Pioneers defense was excellent against the run, allowing just 62 net yards. But the pass defense was torched too often, allowing three TD passes.

Finally, the Fordham-UConn game was a rout as expected. But you had to be impressed with the Ram defense keeping the Huskies under 40 points.

Even though he was not on the two-deep, sophomore sensation Justin Yancy was a force for Fordham at NG as he played with a large cast on his right hand.

(He actually seemed to use the cast as a weapon a few times and I think the Columbia coaches had better inform the refs about that if he's still in that cast in two weeks).

The freshman QB Peter Maetzold got just about all the snaps for Fordham and he did pretty well considering the conditions and his lack of any collegiate experience.

I was also impressed with quick freshman WR Sam Ajala who finished the day with seven receptions.

Senior LB Nick Womack had a great game with seven tackles, one sack and one INT.

Stony Brook Shocker

As wary as I am about playing Fordham in two weeks, I really don't envy Brown who will be coming to Long Island to face Stony Brook that night.

The Sea Wolves just barely lost to UTEP in Texas, 31-24 in OT!

Brown already had what I considered to be the second toughest schedule in the Ivies this season. This doesn't make it look any easier.

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#13: Brackett Comes up Short

Trailing Cornell 10-3 at the half, the Lions got the ball first in the 3rd quarter and looked very serious about getting right back into the game.

Starting the possession on their own 18, Columbia got things going with a first down run by QB Sean Brackett to the 29 immediately followed by a 16 yard scamper by Nick Gerst to the 45.

Brackett then got the one and only completion of the drive, a 17 yard connection with Andrew Kennedy.

But then, things stalled and three plays later the Lions faced a 4th and 2 from the Big Red 30.

Columbia decided to go for it and rely on the usually steady running abilities of Brackett to keep the drive alive.

But Brackett only got one yard on the play and ball went back to Cornell on downs.

Any hope of the Lions quickly grabbing control of the game in the second half evaporated after that play.


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