Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Chip Kelly


A new interview with Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly includes a number of interesting tidbits about his first coaching gig with Columbia in 1991.

It turns out his salary that season was... $4,000!!!


It also says that Kelly counts former Lion Head Coach Ray Tellier as one of his most important mentors.

And he's not alone.

Ivy Jokes

A New York Times piece about Texas A&M's pending move to the SEC includes this gem:

"As for the identity of the 14th team, Williams said the topic barely came up at a meeting of SEC athletic directors last week. He did say that he joked with another athletic director that the SEC should bring in Yale."

I hear Al Bagnoli is angry that Penn wasn't considered.

Darryl Whiting

Fordham Forecast

The Sports Network has a Patriot League preview that includes a mixed review for week one opponent Fordham.

The Rams' running tandem of Darryl Whiting and Carlton Koonce are highly praised, but the focus is on sophomore nose guard Justin Yancy who was a fearsome freshman last year.

Hurricane Ahoy!

Roar Lions Roar! will try to continue posting for the next few days, but we are in Hurricane Irene's direct path right now, so I can make no promises.

I do hope everyone on the East Coast reading this is safe and remains so for a long time to come.

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#22: Kurt Gets Open

Who knows how much better 2010 would have been if WR Mike Stephens hadn't broken his arm in week one?

TE Andrew Kennedy stepped up and had a monster year as a receiver, but so did WR Kurt Williams in what was his first full year in that position.

And Williams never looked better than he did during a drive late in the third quarter at Harvard in week 8.

Trailing 23-0, the Lions took over at their own 33 determined to make something happen.

QB Sean Brackett immediately started to rely on Williams, passing the ball to him for seven yards on 3rd and three from the Columbia 40.

On the very next play, Brackett went to Williams again for nine more yards to the Crimson 44.

Two plays later, Williams got incredibly open in the end zone and Brackett had no trouble finding him for a 36 yard TD.

Williams finished the season with 27 receptions and an even 400 yards along with two TD catches. Columbia will most likely need him to improve on all of those numbers for this season.


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There you go bashing Bags again.

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Jake- lets hope you and fellow Lions supporters stay safe with Hurricane Irene heading your way.


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