Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Real Mystery

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The Coach would be proud...

New Spotlight

Great news! A postseason bowl just for FCS football all-stars is being inaugurated this January.

The Lombardi Bowl has a player “watch-list” and the Lions’ Jeff Adams is on it along with seven other Ivy players.

More importantly, a huge number of very deserving players – many of whom really need the extra recognition to help their NFL chances – will get just that.

Inside the Pride

The excellent Inside the Pride Columbia website has some short reports filed this summer that should get everyone updated as we head into training camp this weekend.

One report filed last month focuses on just how high the coaching staff is on Ryan Murphy. Coach Wilson even seems to think Murphy compares favorably to Lion great Lou Miller.

Indeed as the summer moves on, it becomes more and more clear just how important it is that Murphy makes a big impact this season.

But there are no hints on solving the real mystery going into camp: who will start on the front 3 of the new 3-4 defense?

If I had to guess, I’d say Ben Popeck, Chris Groth and Seyi Adebayo have the inside track. But that’s only a GUESS.

I’m as excited as anyone is about the new linebacking corps featuring Murphy, Josh Martin, Nick Mistretta, Evan Miller, Zach Olinger and so many others.

But if that front 3 doesn’t produce a strong season, it’s going to be a very tough year for Columbia.

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#29: Bang, Bang

Trailing 31-14, Columbia’s first possession of the 4th quarter did not end well with the Lions forced to punt from all the way back on their own 15.

But a booming kick by freshman Tyler Feely and a Yale penalty pushed the Elis way back to their own 30.

And on Yale’s first play, a totally airbourne and almost horizontal Adam Mehrer made a very athletic interception of Patrick Witt’s pass at the CU 41.

Three plays later, Lion QB Sean Brackett hit Nico Gutierrez for a 41 yard TD bomb.

Luke Eddy’s PAT made it 31-21 with about 12 minutes left and Columbia had suddenly made it a game.


At Sat Aug 20, 08:30:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I implore the Greek Gods to give us a healthy Owen Fraser. He deserves a great senior year. And if Frazier regains his freshman year form, there will be no stopping the Lion Defense.

At Sat Aug 20, 08:37:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like the weigh-in before a championship prize fight, the scale will tell it all for the Columbia "D." Let's hope that all fourteen defensive linemen tip the scale at the necessary weight to win the Ivy League Championship.

At Sat Aug 20, 09:02:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My gut is that no matter who starts on the defensive line or at linebacker our new defensive coordinator will be rotating more players in and out of the line-up than last year. Look for more creativity out of the defense including all kinds of blitzes from Martin, Murphy, Olinger, Waller and all the other linebackers.


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