Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Much for the Quiet Period

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Emory Hunt

Remember when the entire summer was devoid of any Ivy football news or material for anyone other than the players and coaches themselves?

Those days are gone, and they will make the 38 days left until the season finally kicks off much busier than usual.

It also will make the time go faster.

Please go faster!

The latest bit of material to discuss is this video by Emory Hunt. He does make some errors in his Ivy preview -- mostly notably it seems he did not know that Kyle Newhall-Caballero is coming back for a 5th year at Brown’s QB – but he still shows more insight that a lot of our peers on some key issues.

First off, he’s the only pundit besides me who has not trouble deeming Sean Brackett the best QB in the league. He even predicts Brackett will be the top overall offensive player in the league, and that means something special this year since the Bushnell Cup/MVP award will be given to one offensive and one defensive player from now on.

The other headline is that Hunt also picks Dartmouth to win the whole league.

Future Schedules

Below are the future schedules for Columbia based on the info at I caution that future schedules are often pretty unreliable, but only when it comes to non-Ivy games. The Ivy games and dates are pretty much set in stone.



S15 Marist

S22 Fordham

S29 Princeton

O6 at Lehigh

O13 at Penn

O20 Dartmouth

O27 at Yale

N3 at Harvard

N10 Cornell

N17 at Brown


S21 at Fordham

S28 Albany

O5 at Princeton

O12 Sacred Heart

O19 Penn

O26 at Dartmouth

N2 at Yale

N9 Harvard

N16 at Cornell

N23 Brown


S20 Fordham

S27 at Albany

O4 Princeton

O11 at Monmouth

O18 at Penn

O25 Dartmouth

N1 Yale

N8 at Harvard

N15 Cornell

N22 at Brown

I guess the “headlines” from all of this are:

-After a 5 year hiatus, Columbia will play Marist again to start the 2012 season.

-The Lions will travel to Lehigh in week four to play a Mountain Hawk team that is expected to be just as good if not better than it is this year. Columbia hasn’t played Lehigh since 1999 when the ‘Hawks whipped the Lions by a 63-13 score.

-In 2014, Columbia will play Monmouth for the first time ever, (the 1942 game against Fort Monmouth was not Monmouth College).

-Albany and Sacred Heart will remain as semi-regular opponents for the time being.

Scouting Alert

For those of you who want to get an advance look at week four opponent Sacred Heart, you can watch the Pioneers take on Bryant on MSG plus at 7pm on Friday Sept. 16th. That’s the night before Columbia starts the season at Fordham, so make sure you go right to bed after that game is over and get enough rest to cheer your brains out at Jack Coffey Field the next day!

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#38: Kempe Sticks it Out

The final crushing third down conversion of what turned out to be Dartmouth’s winning TD drive in week 6 was one of the most emotionally daunting moments of the season.

On 3rd and 7 from the Lion 11 Kempe faced down a furious rush from Josh Martin and somehow just barely got off a pass to Michael Reilly. The completion went for nine yards and the Big Green scored the winning TD two plays later.


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