Thursday, August 04, 2011

A POSITIVE Jobs Report

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Coach Mac Today

McElreavy Back in Coaching

I know all of the employment news is really bad right now.

But there is one new hire to report this morning that is making me feel like a trillion bucks.

Former Columbia Head Coach Larry McElreavy has scored the head coaching job at Claremont Middle School near his current home in Vermont.

I have written about and interviewed McElreavy many times since starting this blog. He was the head coach of the Lions when I arrived on campus as a freshman 23 years ago this month, and I will always remember him fondly for many reasons.

First, when he did coach Columbia, I was always impressed at how he always ran on to the field to check in on injured players right away. I know more head coaches do this now, but it was an uncommon sight back then.

Second, as his personal life exploded more than once in the last few decades you had to start rooting for him after he cleaned up and refused to give up on coaching and being a better person.

The kids at Claremont are about to get a real treat and hopefully they’re just young enough to take football in like a sponge from Coach Mac.

New Coaches Made Official

Speaking of new coaches…

The new assistants I reported on last week, Bill Lund and Mike Neuberger, have officially been announced as joining the Columbia staff.

Murphy Also Moving and Other Roster Changes

One roster move I failed to mention yesterday was junior Ryan Murphy also shifting from the DL to linebacker. Murphy was really playing a slightly modified linebacker position already last season, but now it’s official.

And today I noticed some other roster changes.

Maurice Rothchild is no longer on the roster. We will miss him.

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#45: Dartmouth Strikes Fast

Columbia was still slumbering offensively after Dartmouth finally scored in the third quarter to take a 10-7 lead in the week six game at Wien Stadium.

The Lions went three and out on the ensuing possession and punted the ball right back to the Big Green, who started their next possession at their own 41.

Dartmouth then proceeded to mix the run and the pass beautifully to march off those 59 yards to another TD in just over three minutes.

The score came on a TD pass from QB Connor Kempe to TE Mitch Aprahamian, Aprahamian’s only catch of the entire season.

Columbia’s deficit was now 17-7 and its control of events on this Homecoming Day were fading fast.


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