Thursday, July 28, 2011

More TV

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The Wien Stadium Channel!

We just learned that YES will broadcast the Yale-Columbia game for the sixth year in a row.

That means the week seven home game against the Elis on October 29th will now start at 12 NOON NOT 12:30. Yes likes to start its games early.

Because of the added TV timeouts, the Yes games that start at noon tend to end at the same time as the non-broadcast TV games that begin at 12:30.

So, the Lions will be on national TV twice in the span of three weeks. The other game being the Homecoming tilt against Penn on Versus beginning at 3:30pm on October 15th.

I love seeing more of our games on national TV, but I’d like to see us WIN on TV even more.

ESPN’s College package televised the Columbia win over Lafayette last season for those who signed up for the broadcast… and that was great.

But I don’t have to tell you how much greater a nationally televised win over Yale or Penn, or both, would mean to our players and to our program.

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#52: Penn Seals the Deal

After Bradford Blackmon’s kickoff return put the Quakers at the Columbia 40, Penn easily marched down the field for the score that would truly ice the game.

What was different about this drive is that it included an actual pass by Quaker QB Billy Ragone, a 17-yarder to TE Luke Nawrocki that gave Penn a 1st and goal at the 10.

Brandon Colavita got the TD two plays later on an eight yard run, and he would finish the game with 103 yards on the ground.

The score made it 27-10 Penn and no one really thought that was a deficit the Lions could overcome.


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