Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Quick Hits

Just some random notes and thoughts for a Friday... our first postseason Friday that is:

Hoops Challenge

It'll be a tough job tonight for the Columbia men's hoopsters as they take on #9 Syracuse at the Carrier Dome. The game is televised here in the New York area live on SNY starting at 7pm. You can also catch it on

Don't They Have College Essays to Finish?

How weird is it to be watching high school football games and playoffs on TV when our college season is already over?

They Love 'em Back Home!

Junior Josh Smith's local paper in Grand Rapids, Michigan mentioned his breakout season in a brief note today. With Lou Miller and Matt Bashaw graduating, Smith made a good case for himself as heir apparent to one of those slots.

Ferrari Sighting

I forgot to mention that I saw former Columbia defensive coordinator Lou Ferrari at the Brown game. After the game he gave his successor Aaron Kelton a very big hug outside the Chrystie Fieldhouse. It was a great sight.

The Job Track is Still Alive

A number of outgoing seniors on the football team have already obtained excellent jobs on Wall Street. Reports of the death of that avenue for graduating Ivy athletes were clearly exaggerated, or maybe just completely made up. Columbia's unique proximity to and connections with the financial world make our program very attractive to ambitious high school athletes.

Bushnell Controversy?

I know some people believe that Penn's defensive power this year was truly a team effort and it may have been a stretch to give Jake Lewko MVP honors along with Brown's Buddy Farnham. But I think it made sense for a number of reasons. One of the biggest arguments in Lewko's favor is that he picked up the slack when other guys like Chris Wynn were injured. He was the steadiest leader of that unit all year long.


At Sat Nov 28, 02:38:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Syr BB game will be televised on SNY, via Directv in CA, too. But, only the audio will be on


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