Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nine is Fine

Lou Miller was a unanimous 1st Team selection

The full list of All Ivy honorees is below.

Eight different Lions have been recognized, with Austin Knowlin getting selected for two slots, so that makes nine.

Some quick thoughts:

-Great recognition for Lou Miller getting a unanimous selection as a first team defensive lineman.

-It's super that Jeff Adams made first team even as a sophomore on the offensive line. I am trying to find out who was the last sophomore O-lineman to make first team.

-This is the first time three Columbia players have made the first team since 2000.

-It's great that Andy Shalbrack finally made it with some recognition, but it seems like he should have at least made the 2nd team.

-Andrew Kennedy making it all the way to the 2nd team was a nice, but deserved, surprise.

-Corey Cameron getting some recognition after investing in a 5th year is a great way to end his athletic career at CU.

-M.A. Olawale's selection to the honorable mention team was encouraging as well.

2009 All Ivy Awardees

Buddy Farnham, Brown

Jake Lewko, Penn


Treavor Scales, Harvard


OL -- Mark Callahan, Brown
OL -- Paul Jasinowki, Brown*
OL -- Jeff Adams, Columbia
OL -- Ben Sessions, Harvard
OL -- James Williams, Harvard*
OL -- Joe D'Orazio, Penn*
QB -- Kyle Newhall-Caballero, Brown
RB -- Nick Schwieger, Dartmouth
RB -- Gino Gordon, Harvard
WR -- Buddy Farnham, Brown
WR -- Bobby Sewall, Brown
WR -- Austin Knowlin, Columbia
TE -- John Sheffield, Yale


DL -- James Develin, Brown*
DL -- David Howard, Brown
DL -- Lou Miller, Columbia*
DL -- Joe Goniprow, Penn*
LB -- Kelly Cox, Brown
LB -- Jake Lewko, Penn*
LB -- Chris Costello, Cornell
LB -- Paul Rice, Yale
DB -- Chris Perkins, Brown
DB -- Derrick Barker, Harvard
DB -- Colin Zych, Harvard
DB -- Jonathan Moore, Penn
DB -- Chris Wynn, Penn
DB -- Adam Money, Yale


PK -- Andrew Samson, Penn
P -- Tom Mante, Yale*
RS -- Buddy Farnham, Brown


OL -- Tim Danser, Brown
OL -- Ben Osborne, Harvard
OL -- Alex Spisak, Harvard
OL -- Luis Ruffolo, Penn
OL -- Andrew Hauser, Princeton
OL -- Mark Paski, Princeton
QB -- Collier Winters, Harvard
RB -- Zachary Tronti, Brown
RB -- Treavor Scales, Harvard
RB -- Luke DeLuca, Penn
RB -- Lyle Marsh, Penn
WR -- Bryan Walters, Cornell
WR -- Chris Lorditch, Harvard
TE -- Andrew Kennedy, Columbia


DL -- Tom McCarthy, Yale
DL -- Carl Ehrlich, Harvard
DL -- Chucks Obi, Harvard
DL -- Josue Ortis, Harvard
DL -- Owen Thomas, Penn
LB -- Sean Hayes, Harvard
LB -- Jon Takamura, Harvard
LB -- Zach Heller, Penn
LB -- Steven Cody, Princeton
DB -- David Clement, Brown
DB -- A.J. Cruz, Brown
DB -- Adam Mehrer, Columbia
DB -- Shawn Abuhoff, Dartmouth
DB -- Pete Pidermann, Dartmouth
DB -- Kevin Gray, Penn
DB -- Dan Kopolovich, Princeton


PK -- Tom Mante, Yale
P -- Nate Lovett, Brown
RS -- Bryan Walters, Cornell

OL -- Quentin Bernhard, Cornell
OL -- Andrew Bohl, Cornell
OL -- Alex Toth, Dartmouth
OL -- Greg Van Roten, Penn
QB -- M.A. Olawale, Columbia
QB -- Kyle Olson, Penn
WR -- Tanner Scott, Dartmouth
WR -- Kyle Derham, Penn
WR -- Trey Peacock, Princeton
TE -- John Gallagher, Dartmouth
TE -- Nicolai Schwarzkopf, Harvard
TE -- Luke Nawrocki, Penn


DL -- Victor Ojukwu, Harvard
DL -- Matt Boyer, Princeton
DL -- Joel Karacozoff, Princeton
DL -- Joe Young, Yale
LB -- Corey Cameron, Columbia
LB -- Brian Levine, Penn
LB -- Erik Rask, Penn
LB -- Travis Henry, Yale
LB -- Sean Williams, Yale
DB -- Andrew Shalbrack, Columbia
DB -- Rashad Campbell, Cornell
DB -- Ryan Barnes, Harvard


PK -- Foley Schmidt, Dartmouth
PK -- Patrick Long, Harvard
P -- Drew Alston, Cornell
RS -- Austin Knowlin, Columbia

* - Unanimous Selection


At Wed Nov 25, 10:00:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, Last Sophomore O-lineman to make 1st team all-ivy was James Williams for Harvard two years ago, now a three time 1st teamm honoree

At Wed Nov 25, 10:39:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice comeback win tonight over Bucknell. We have a good team. Agho is a force.

At Wed Nov 25, 08:16:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger cathar said...

Yes, Agho is a force. But Asenso Ampim, despite his tendency to play too aggressively at times, gives Columhia some additional muscle. And Brian Grimes was worth waiting for. This is a good Lions basketball team which plays great defense.

And Ms. Judie Lomax is simply incomparable.

Congrats to all the All-Ivy honorees. Norries should be very proud of the team he molded.

At Wed Nov 25, 10:42:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ampin would make an unreal DE.

At Thu Nov 26, 05:05:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget Ampim, the player of interest on the basketball team, is Chris Crockett a 4.5 running back in high school who ran for a mere 34 touchdowns and nearly 2,000yards his junior year in Columbus, Ohio. Of course, that was before he incurred a serious kneecap injury, which I assume is the reason he is playing basketball rather than football at Columbia.

At Thu Nov 26, 05:17:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the injury to 7'0" center, Max Craig, it's too bad the Lions will be playing Cornell in the opening two games of the Ivy League season in January rather than a month later. On the other hand, the Lions have another 7'0" center in Zack Crimmins who is very athletic and is improving steadily. Columbia needs a big man to contest Cornell's 7'0" center, Jeff Foote.


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