Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teleconference Notes

The status of Princeton tailback Jordan Culbreath was topic #1 for both Columbia Head Coach Norries Wilson and Princeton's Roger Hughes during today's teleconference.

Coach Wilson said the Lions will prep this week under the assumption that Culbreath WILL play. He said Columbia will be ready to make changes if he doesn't take the field in the end. He mentioned that he thought the Tigers' fullback Matt Zimmerman was underrated and that backup tailback/DB Meko McCray was no slouch.

Coach Hughes said Culbreath's status is "up in the air," but that he has a sprained ankle and not the more serious high ankle sprain.

Wilson was also asked about Princeton QB Tommy Wornham and he said that he is impressed with Wornham's running ability and the Lions will have to account for him. Wilson sais he thinks Wornham still needs to get his timing down in the passing game, but when he does he’ll be a bigger dual threat than he is now.

Coach Wilson also made some general comments about the Lions, saying he was still happy about the running game and that other than the blocked kicks, he’s happy overall about special teams, especially the return game.

Overall, Coach Wilson said program is better these days with a lower attrition rate and more experience on the field. But he stressed that he wants more wins and the Lions need to find a way to win more physical and close games.

When asked about M.A. Olawale, Coach Wilson said he has been doing a pretty good job. He said he was happy with the good ball security Olawale has shown so far, ( he joked that this means he’ll probably fumble 15 balls this week). But overall, he said Olawale is throwing the ball well and has grown a lot even since camp started in August.


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