Thursday, September 24, 2009

CCSU Scouting Report from Chuck!

And now a word from the Lehigh Nation

Chuck Burton, who runs the Lehigh Football Nation blog has been kind enough to give us a great scouting report on the CCSU Blue Devils. Central Connecticut defeated Lehigh three weeks ago, 28-21 at Lehigh.

Here's Chuck's take:

"The Blue Devils are all about controlling the tempo of the game. They have big guys on the "O" and "D" lines that will attempt to control the lines of scrimmage.

On offense, they have two quarterbacks (Hunter Wanket and Aubrey Norris) and a running back (James Mallory) that give CCSU lots of options on the ground, and when they do go to the air they have speed that can kill (wideout Josue Paul). Their defense has a dangerous secondary, led by free safety Alondre Rush, that shut down Lehigh's passing attack in Week One in a way I've rarely seen.

They primarily run the ball, but where they're dangerous is when they're holding onto the ball and grinding up the clock. That's why it's so important to get out to an early lead: when the Blue Devils have the lead, they have the ability to shorten the game through long, time-consuming drives. That's another way CCSU beat Lehigh - they jumped to a lead and forced Lehigh to play catch-up all game. Ultimately, in the heat of Goodman Stadium, Lehigh's defense got worn down and the offense was unable to get back into the game.

Head coach Jeff McInerney has been called a lot of things, but the theme 'crazy' kept popping up with the folks I talked to. He's a gambler; if it's a 4th down in your territory, it's a near-certainty he'll go for it. He's a fiery, unpredictable leader, and will throw plenty of wrinkles to try to fool your defense.

But special teams could be a great equalizer for you - if Knowlin can get a return TD and you can make it into a track meet, I think you'll have the edge.

Bottom line, CCSU is a team on the rise. They are representative of what the NEC has become: a league itching to prove itself against the best teams in FCS. They have an eye on the FCS playoffs, and would love nothing better to crush Columbia and establish themselves further in Eastern FCS football."


At Fri Sep 25, 12:23:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alondre Rush from Xavier Middletown CT, teammate of Amari Spievey who starts at corner for Iowa, both great athletes off the CT State champ team 2006.

At Fri Sep 25, 12:43:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of a school is CCSU? I had never heard of it.

At Fri Sep 25, 09:56:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CCSU is Connecticut's oldest institute of higer education (1849). Established as a Normal School, it primamrly taught teachers and was later known as Teachers College of Conn.

It has grown since then and is now a comprehensive public university. It is not a research school, nor does it have any professional (law, medicine) schools. It does have a Graduate programs, and is still highly regarded for its Education program.

It has a similar academic profile to schools like Towson (MD), Youngstown State (OH), or "directional" schools like Northern Arizona.


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