Thursday, September 24, 2009

Winners at Wien

Let's fill this place and make history Saturday!

Here's a little-discussed tidbit as the Lions prepare for their home opener against Central Connecticut Saturday:

The Lions will be hoping to match their all-time home winning streak at Wien Stadium. There were some very long winning streaks at the old Baker Field, but Columbia has never won more than three games in a row since the new stadium was built in 1984.

That three game streak took place over two seasons, 1996-97, when the Lions beat Cornell and Brown at home to close out '96, before taking down Towson in the '97 home opener.

That was also the first time Columbia had ever played Towson and of course, this Saturday will be the Lions first ever meeting with CCSU. Columbia beat Dartmouth and Cornell in its last two games at home in 2008.

I hope to have a scouting report on the Blue Devils up sometime later today.

David Howard's troubles may mean big trouble for Brown (CREDIT: Providence Journal)

Meanwhile, a potentially huge story is brewing up at Brown where 1st Team All Ivy defensive lineman David Howard has been convicted of simple assault after a melee broke out at a club where he was working at a bouncer this spring. Howard's status on the team is unknown, but I don't think it's an exaggeration to say the Bears will be in deep trouble in any game that he doesn't play.

Thankfully, these kinds of stories are extremely rare in the Ivies and I don't think anyone contends that Howard did anything more than possibly getting a little carried away doing a legitimate job.


At Fri Sep 25, 05:25:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger cathar said...

Having worked as a bouncer some (a long) time ago, Jake, I would like to remind that there is generally a great span of difference between just getitng a bit "carried away" while doing one's job as opposed to actually being charged, indicted and convicted of simple assault.

At the "best" sort of places, in fact, floor- and doormen alike are carefully instructed NEVER to whale away at even the most unruly of patrons. But rather to use their superior numbers and, commonly, strength to merely get the wiseasses off club property, which is the key point.

The current troubles for Brown's defensive lineman, in other words, represent truly deep doo doo, and, albeit without knowing much about the case, I thus wouldn't even be surprised if the club he worked at hasn't also thrown him to the wolves by way of saving its own skin anjd limiting its subsequent legal liability in law suits.

At Fri Sep 25, 09:06:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger DOC said...

Filling up Wien stadium for the home opener would go a long way towards establishing a true home field advantage. This team deserves it.
If you saw the looks on the faces of our athletes after the Fordham game, you realized how much they fed off the enthusiastic crowd on the road.
They should look up at our side of the field at the opener and see a sea of Blue.


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