Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monstrous Mo'

Aubrey Norris

CCSU 22 Columbia 13

Why CCSU Won

The avoided the worst when they weren't doing much right and only had a 13-0 deficit to overcome when things turned around. Most importantly, the coaches made a QB change, and reliever Aubrey Norris lit up the Lions with his amazing quickness and good decision making.

Why Columbia Lost

With everything going their way through most of the first half, they only had a 13-0 lead. The defense played mostly well, but finally wilted under the relentless varied Blue Devil running attack.

Key Turning Points

-They don't get more obvious than the Lion PAT attempt blocked and returned for a 2-point score by CCSU to make it 13-2. The Blue Devils never looked back, but the amazing Norris 28-yard TD run to make it 13-9 at the half. was the first big strike on offense.

Columbia MVP

I think Ray Rangel and Marc Holloway have to share the honor this week. Rangel had some huge runs and a TD to finish with 130 yards on just 10 carries. Holloway was seemingly in on every play and finished with 18 tackles.


At Sun Sep 27, 09:44:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must disagree. The turning point was Norris' TD as the first half ended. It not only put CCSU in striking distance but had to be an upper for them, a downer for the Lions.
There still seem to be too many predictable Col plays. When it's likely MA will run, there are ways of fainting that and trying pitch-outs (however somewhat dangerous) or quick passes to the flat or over the middle. I suggest those because I've seen many teams use them. Knowlin isn't used as much as he can be, as well. If not now (say at Princeton), when?

At Sun Sep 27, 10:44:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Father Time said...

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At Sun Sep 27, 07:39:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Ray Rangel looked great yesterday afternoon. He had two outstanding runs and might have gone all the way on both of them if CCSU's safeties weren't so quick. Too bad he only had ten carries, but CCSU held onto the ball forever. Also, give credit to the offensive linemen who opened up those huge holes for Ray.

At Sun Sep 27, 07:46:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake did say that Norris' touchdown run at the end of the first half was the turning point in the game. That guy is fast.

At Sun Sep 27, 10:17:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger cathar said...

How I saw it: The kicking game needs MUCH, MUCH work. A punt (even if it led to a terrific goal line stand), a field goal and an extra point all blocked (the lattermost recalling something similar which once happened against Princeton at Homecoming, and this time leading to a totally "unnecessary" safety), these were great breakdowns. Was it just the angle of the kicked ball on the rise? Quite possibly, since CCSU's line didn't seem terribly tall nor jumpers on the level of LeBron James.

And the offensive line greatly let Olawale down during the second half, while the defense simply has to learn how to handle pitchout situations, which CCSU used so deftly. Aubrey Morris displayed the smart mobility Olawale needs for the rest of this season. Oh well, on to Princeton!

There was also a class gesture by CCSU's very fine band, which really should be noted. Its half time set included, as clear tribute to alma mater, "Columbia, the gem of the Ocean." I also thought I heard a bit of "Roll On, Columbia" in there, too.

I would not expect such from the Princeton band next week, which prides itself on the same brand of scruffy but ill-aimed arrogance as the CU band. (Heck, I wouldn't ever even expect something similar from the CU band, come to think of it.) CCSU proved itself a worthy opponent in several ways yesterday, and I for one look forward to heading up to New Britain next season.

At Sun Sep 27, 11:01:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norris' TD run was one of the turning points, said Jake, not the.

from the CCSU AD page: "Aubrey's touchdown was huge for us," Mallory said following the win. "It gave us the confidence we needed to be successful on offense and we fed off of that.

At Mon Sep 28, 01:30:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why Columbia won" ??? Jake must be sleepy!

At Mon Sep 28, 03:32:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were a lot of hi points in that amazing first half. The first 20 or so minutes may have been the most impressive Lion effort in a long time. Which is what made the end result all the more painful. "The Agony & the Ecstasy!" -- never more true than with the Light Blue Lions!!

At Mon Sep 28, 07:18:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger friend12 said...

One more thing, MVP honorable mention should be the defensive line as a whole. The goal line stand and another 4th down stop in the game was all DL and the LBs. Would have been another except the chain was just barely touching the nose of the ball.

At Mon Sep 28, 10:40:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good story in today's Spectator about the game. They got it right!


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