Saturday, August 22, 2009


Training Camp is Nigh!

Tomorrow, 110 Columbia football players will return to campus to prepare for 2009 summer training camp. The waiting is over, at least for the players. But for the fans, we can take solace in knowing we're really close to gameday.

The real on the field practices begin on Monday and as far as conditions go here in New York City, it's going to be hot. Not as hot as it has been most of this week, but still over 80 degrees. Later in the week, the forecasters are predicting cooler weather, but we will see.

Day 29: Mario Biaggi '80

When Mario Biaggi first came to Columbia from Fordham Prep in 1976, he was hardly an unknown name. He was the son of then-Bronx Congressman Mario Biaggi Sr., the hero cop-turned politician who was a icon in New York City in the 1970's. Of course this was before Congressman Biaggi's indictment and conviction, which did not come until the late 1980's.

On the field, the younger Biaggi was an immediate terror. He often played out of control, but the results were immediate. He dominated the line in the freshmen teams opening two wins over Army and Princeton.

In the 1977 season, he made an impact on the varsity with 23 tackles and a key fumble recovery in the win over Penn.

Biaggi kicked it into higher gear in the '78 season, getting 15 tackles, two sacks, and a big fumble recovery in the homecoming win over Princeton. He finished the season with 83 tackles, six sacks and was named Honorable Mention All Ivy.

Biaggi's senior season was another stellar year, as he finished with six sacks to lead the team again.

During all his four years at Columbia, Biaggi was a super student. He was rewarded for that effort by winning the rare Ivy postgraduate scholarship. He eventually became a successful attorney.


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