Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 35: Late Bloomer

This is actually prime football recruiting turf!

Eric Keck '96 was not your prototypical Columbia or Ivy League football player.

By the time he came to New York City he was 25, he was married, he had a daughter.

He came to the Lions in 1993 from Saddleback Junior College after graduating from Green Mountain Valley High School in Vermont where he never played organized football. Coaches at Saddleback, (in California), spotted Keck and put him at offensive tackle.

Oh, and one more thing: in between high school and junior college, he was one of the best young downhill skiers in the country, part of the national team with Tommy Moe and A. J. Kitt, even though he was 245 pounds!

But when he transferred to CU, Coach Ray Tellier inserted him at defensive tackle and kept schooling him on the finer points of the game during his mandatory "sit out" year.

Then in 1994 he exploded onto the Ivy scene, getting up to 290 lbs. and plugging up the middle against the run while finishing with 39 total tackles, seven tackles for a loss and a spot on the All Ivy First Team.

In 1995, he was elected captain and he continued to shoulder the load, especially with the absence of defensive end Marcellus Wiley '97 who took that season off. Keck finished his senior season with four more tackles for a loss and a spot on the All Ivy Second Team.

For anyone who disparages transfers, I give you the case of Eric Keck. A great player, a great Columbian, and a great American.


At Sat Aug 15, 07:47:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing story. Ray Tellier certainly had a knack for finding very talented transfers--Keck, Wade Fletcher, Michael Quashie, Kirby Mack, etc., etc.

At Sat Aug 15, 08:42:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's only Penn, Yale and most notably Cornell transfers who concern me. They rely far too heavily on transfers, and Cornell uses the Aggie and hotel schools for them to boot.

At Sun Aug 16, 01:41:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger dabull said...

If the kids meet admissions criteria and fit in AI banding then I have no beef with a transfer. If Cornell were dominating the league by slipping kids into Ag and hotel schools then everyone would cry foul, but obviously that's not happening either.

At Sun Aug 16, 05:09:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake, How do we get parking for the Fordham and Princeton games, where stadium parking is at a premium. Can we buy parking in advance?

At Sun Aug 16, 08:32:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Will the Fordham game be on video?


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