Tuesday, February 24, 2009

31 More Days of Winter

The Spring Countdown Begins!

I don't care what the groundhog and the weatherman say, we can put a definitive start date for spring by looking at the Columbia spring practice schedule. It all starts on March 26th. There are still 208 days until we kick off the 2009 season, but the 31 days until spring practice seem like they might fly by.


There's been some talk on the VOY Ivy Sports blog about how our site somehow overhypes the incoming recruits. I will admit to getting excited when I learn and confirm the names of our future players, but I can't remember ever writing anything about how any incoming player was a sure thing or a world beater.

And I don't apologize one bit for giving these kids some recognition. These are teenagers who have been able to successfully avoid all those terrible influences teens face and have excelled on the field and in the classroom well enough to become eligible for the Ivies. What's the ratio of stories about badly behaving teens to high achieving teens in the news media? 10:1? 100:1? I could only hope that my kids succeed so well so early in life. No, this does not make the football recruits heroes or saints, but they deserve at least as much ink and "cyberspace" as the kids who commit crimes or get pregnant at 15.

BBall Developments

The mens basketball squad had a tough loss Saturday night, losing a nine-point second half lead and falling to Yale after a nice win Friday night against Brown. But I am taking the optimist's side of this story again as we have to remember this is a very young team that was picked to finish 6th in the Ivies. As of now, the Lions are tied for second with four games to play. Still not too shabby.

The women are also 6-4 in the Ivies and have come on strong as of late. Their future looks bright as well.


At Tue Feb 24, 02:11:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watche dSaturday night's game on YES--abominable pro-Yale coverage. Anyway, we seemed to run out of gas after going up by 9 with 14 minutes to go. We started the game very cold but were really outplaying Yale for the better part of the game until the wheels came off of our shooting. A few non-calls also hurt us, but the biggest factor was that we missed all of our three point shots. A decent shooting night would have given us the W.

At Thu Feb 26, 04:53:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger DOC said...

VOY is way out of line on this. Neither you , Jake, nor the people who post here, even attempt to over-
hype our recruits. Most of the discussion represents wishful thinking that these athletes are successful and perhaps, pride in our University,in that it continues to attract excellent kids.


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