Saturday, December 13, 2008

Possible Prospects

With an emphasis on the POSSIBLE, these are some possible prospects for Columbia football according to

You HAVE to take these names with a Lot's wife-sized pillar of salt because there is very little independent confirmation of this stuff.

Last year at this time, the number of names I had from was about 20 and only two ended up at CU.

But I also believe that the kind of high school athletes who are good enough on the field and in the classroom to even have a shot at the Ivies deserve recognition.

Enjoy your own research:

Shad Sommers

Anthony Stroffolino

Eddie Houghton

Brock Morris

Anthony Greco

Mike Poage

Taylor Malfenant

Jack Templeton

Mike Tree

Eric Walker

Chase Kriza

Brent Seals

Seyi Adebayo

Mike Pinciotti

MacIan Epley


At Sat Dec 13, 10:42:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some more names of outstanding student-athletes who have expressed an interest publicly in Columbia: (1) Nick Gerst, RB, Bergen Castholic, NJ; (2) John Ceccio, OL, Don Bosco, NJ;
(3) Nick Marsh, Punter, Petulma, Cal; (4) Collin Bibb, DB, Alamo Heights H.S., San Antonio, Texas; (5) MacIan Epley, QB, Portland, Oregon;(6) Dayton McMillan, Safety, Cody, Wyoming;(7) Kyle Toulouse, ATH, Yorktown HS, Arlington, VA; (8) Chris Smith, WR, Clover Hill HS, Midlothan, VA; and (9) Eric Walker, OT, Arlington, TX. This information comes from many public sources such as, ESPN and Google. It's just a matter of clicking the right buttons. Coach Wilson and his staff have done a great job publicizing Columbia Football throughout the country which is the primary reason more top kids are expressing interest in Columbia than possibly ever before. Of course, all the Ivies and in some cases, Stanford, Duke, Vanderbilt, Rice and other full ride athletice scholarship schools are basically interested in the same kids, so it is unlikely that more than a couple of them will actually attend a particular Ivy League school.

At Thu Jan 08, 09:16:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like just one QB and a couple RBs. Nick Geist and Ed Houghton. You want to learn what you can about potential skill players, but Google didn't bring up much on Geist or Houghton. Epley appears to be fairly well documented in his area - I found many articles. First Team All League as QB and as Safety for one.
Also a recipient of a National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete award, perhaps he's a serious student who would be interested in Columbia academics. Google his name and you can find a lot of info, but no statements attributed to him as to his interest in Columbia, other than a listing of medium interest on
Keep posting info on players.


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