Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Connecticut Prospect

Billy Ragone plays offense, defense, and does the kicking!

The QB of a good high school football program in Connecticut has narrowed his college choices down to Penn and Columbia. Billy Ragone is described here as a very good overall football player who will probably play a position other than QB at the college level.

Chip Kelly

Big Promotion for former coach

Another one of Ray Tellier's proteges is moving up in the coaching ranks.

University of Oregon offensive coordinator Chip Kelly, who spent two years with Columbia coaching the linebackers and safeties in 1990-91, will soon become the head coach for the Ducks. Kelly was once the head coach at the University of New Hampshire as well.

Many long-time Columbia football fans have pointed out the large numbers of Tellier's former assistants who have made amazing strides in getting big time coaching jobs at the college and pro levels. Kelly is another example, and perhaps the most impressive since his first coaching work came at Columbia right after his graduation from UNH.


At Wed Dec 03, 10:33:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Ray was always a class act and an excellent Xs and Os guy. He had some good years. In his last year you might recall that we had a lead in the fourth quarter in something like six games but didn't have the depth to translate that into Ws. Ray also didn't get the support that Norries is getting. 2.Voyforums reports that a Ct. HS QB is being recruited by us and Penn; the contributor made some snide comment that he was interested in Yale but it was too hard to get in. My understanding is that Yale's standards are no higher than ours. Is that correct?

At Thu Dec 04, 08:26:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that is correct.


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