Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Decent Showing

Chris Pizzotti: Your Ivy League Player of the Year

So I was pretty close to getting everything I wanted from the All-Ivy honors list for Columbia's top players. There were some minor snubs, but nothing major.

Here's the complete list below:

Chris Pizzotti, Harvard (Sr., QB, Reading, Mass.)

Matthew Hanson, Harvard (Fr., DB, Lafayette, Colo.)

OL -- Daris Dale, Yale (Sr., Seattle, Wash.)
OL -- Paul Jasinowski, Brown (Jr., Washington, D.C.)
OL -- Shane Kelley, Brown (Sr., Naples, Fla.)
OL -- Chris Kovalcik, Penn (Sr., Westwood, Mass.)
OL -- James Williams, Harvard (Jr., Chestnut Hill, Mass.)
QB -- Chris Pizzotti, Harvard (Sr., Reading, Mass.)
RB -- *Jordan Culbreath, Princeton (Jr., Falls Church, Va.)
RB -- Mike McLeod, Yale (Sr., New Britain, Conn.)
WR -- Buddy Farnham, Brown (Jr., Andover, Mass.)
WR -- Matt Luft, Harvard (Jr., Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
WR -- Bobby Sewall, Brown (Jr., Portsmouth, R.I.)
TE -- *Colin Cloherty, Brown (Sr., Bethesda, Md.)
PK -- Andrew Samson, Penn (So., West Bloomfield, Mich.)

DL -- Matt Curtis, Harvard (Sr., Peabody, Mass.)
DL -- Kyle Hawari, Yale (Sr., Plano, Texas)
DL -- David Howard, Brown (Sr., Columbia, Md.)
DL -- Lou Miller, Columbia (Jr., Cincinnati, Ohio)
LB -- Bobby Abare, Yale (Sr., Acton, Mass.)
LB -- Glenn Dorris, Harvard (Sr., Marietta, Ga.)
LB -- Alex Gross, Columbia (So., Kettering, Ohio)
LB -- Eric Schultz, Harvard (Sr., Alpharetta, Ga.)
DB -- Andrew Berry, Harvard (Sr., Bel Air, Md.)
DB -- Tim Bax, Cornell (Sr., Chicago, Ill.)
DB -- Nkosi Still, Brown (Sr., Hyde Park, Mass.)
DB -- Chris Wynn, Penn (Jr., Flemington, N.J.)
P -- Robert Ranney, Brown (Sr., West Bloomfield, Mich.)

OL -- Matt Adkins, Brown (Sr., Alpharetta, Ga.)
OL -- Mike Brune, Columbia (Sr., Fort Wayne, Ind.)
OL -- Alex Spisak, Harvard (Jr., Charlotte, N.C.)
OL -- Mark Paski, Princeton, Chester, N.J.)
OL -- Steve Valenta, Cornell (Sr., Orland Park, Ill.)
QB -- Michael Dougherty, Brown (Sr., Davie, Fla.)
RB -- Michael DiMaggio, Penn (So., Sewell, N.J.)
RB -- Gino Gordon, Harvard (So., Bonita, Calif.)
RB -- Dereck Knight, Brown (Sr., Pawtucket, R.I.)
WR -- Jesse Baker, Cornell (Sr., Platteville, Wis.)
WR -- Austin Knowlin, Columbia (Jr., Newington, Conn.)
WR -- Will Thanheiser, Princeton (Sr., Houston, Texas)
TE -- Josh Koontz, Penn (Sr., Mechanicsburg, Pa.)
PK -- John Rocholl, Columbia (Sr., Fort Wayne, Ind.)

DL -- Peter Ajayi, Harvard (Sr., Brookyn, N.Y.)
DL -- Desmond Bryant, Harvard (Sr., Elizabethtown, N.C.)
DL -- Peter Buchignani, Princeton (Sr., Bloomington, Ill.)
DL -- Jim Develin, Brown (Jr., Gilbertsville, Pa.)
DL -- Joe Goniprow, Penn (Jr., Barrington, R.I.)
DL -- Joe Hathway, Yale (Sr., Clifton, N.J.)
DL -- Joe Rost, Penn (Sr., Carmichael, Calif.)
LB -- Jay Colabella, Penn (Jr., West Harrison, N.Y.)
LB -- Jake Lewko, Penn (Jr., Medford, N.J.)
LB -- Drew Quinn, Columbia (Sr., Maineville, Ohio)
LB -- Steve Ziogas, Brown (Sr., Bristol, Conn.)
DB -- Larry Abare, Yale (Sr., Acton, Mass.)
DB -- Chris Perkins, Brown (Jr., Bridgeton, Mo.)
DB -- Steve Santoro, Yale (Sr., Airmont, N.Y.)
DB -- Ian Wilson, Dartmouth (Sr., Burbank, Calif.)
DB -- Collin Zych, Harvard (So., Plano, Texas)
P -- Tom Mante, Yale (Jr., Westford, Mass.)

OL -- Quentin Bernhard, Cornell (Jr., Alameda, Calif.)
OL -- Zach Copple, Harvard (Sr., Lincoln, Neb.)
OL -- Ty Davis, Yale (Sr., Fresno, Calif.)
OL -- Ryan Pilconis, Harvard (Sr., Pottsville, Pa.)
OL -- Tom Rodger, Harvard (Sr., Glen Ridge, N.J.)
QB -- Nathan Ford, Cornell (Sr., Palo Alto, Calif.)
RB -- Milan Williams, Dartmouth (Sr., Mobile, Ala.)
WR -- Tim McManus, Dartmouth (So., St. Paul, Minn.)
WR -- Brian Walters, Cornell (Jr., Bothel, Wash.)
TE -- Jason Miller, Harvard (Sr., Zionsville, Ind.)
PK -- Patrick Long, Harvard (Jr., Wilmington, N.C.)
PK -- Tom Mante, Yale (Jr., Westford, Mass.)

DL -- Owen Fraser, Columbia (Fr., Newburgh, N.Y.)
DL -- Matt Koch, Princeton (Sr., Ponte Verde, Fla.)
DL -- Guillermo Ruffolo, Penn (Sr., Webster, N.Y.)
LB -- Scott Britton, Princeton (Jr., Newton, Pa.)
LB -- Steven Cody, Princeton (So., Midlothian, Va.)
LB -- Brady Hart, Yale (Sr., State College, Pa.)
LB -- Graham Rihn, Cornell (Sr., Allison Park, Pa.)
DB -- Miles Craigwell, Brown (Sr., Boston, Mass.)
DB -- Britton Ertman, Penn (Sr., Manhattan Beach, Calif.)
DB -- Casey Gerald, Yale (Sr., Dallas, Texas)
DB -- Matthew Hanson, Harvard (Fr., Lafayette, Colo.)
DB -- Jay Pilkerton, Yale (Sr., Nashville, Tenn.)
DB -- Paul Rice, Yale (Jr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio)
P -- Ryan Coyle, Princeton (Sr., Princeton, N.J.)
P -- John Rocholl, Columbia (Sr., Fort Wayne, Ind.)
P -- Brian Scullin, Dartmouth (Sr., Alexandra, Va.)

* - Unanimous Selection

My biggest regret is that Ralph DeBernardo was not mentioned at all, but it's a tough deal when you play O-line on a team that scored so few points overall.

The good news was the recognition of both Fraser and Knowlin.

Other points of note:

-Junior Lou Miller was the only non-senior defensive lineman on the first team.

-Sophomore Alex Gross was the only non-senior linebacker on the first team. Gross and Penn's kicker Andrew Samson were the only sophomore first-teamers.

-Cornell and Dartmouth were completely shut out of the first team roster. Dartmouth had only one player on the 2nd team, and Cornell had just two.

-All the wide receivers on the first team were juniors, along with Austin Knowlin who made the second team as a junior WR.

-I thought choosing Pizzotti for the Bushnell Cup was a solid choice. As a graduating senior, he goes out on top. Not on top was last year's winner Mike McLeod. We'll probably never know if offensive line attrition or injury was the biggest reason for his drop off from 2007.

-It's downright scary that Harvard's Luft and Brown's Sewall and Farnham will be back next season. It really makes it a lot easier for both of those teams as they look for new starting QB's.

Comment away...


At Tue Nov 25, 11:06:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fraser HM is significant and in fact I thought that his overall play merited him being named as ROY. It is a major achievement for a freshman to do that well in a position which requires playing head to head with older players. I look upon Fraser as being a tremendous asset for the next three years. I was disappointed to see no mention of Shalbrack or Otis. It is noteworthy that we showed up better in defensive recognition than in offensive recognition. We need do do a lot of work on the offensive side of the ball. Frankly, we can legitimately raise questions about our play calling and preparation, the unsettled QB position, the failure to get AK more touches, the lack of PT for Kourouma, the absence of lead blocking, the disappearance of the TE, the lack of a vertical game, and the need for the infusion of more new talent.

At Tue Nov 25, 11:53:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the last writer has diplmatically suggested is that the coaching has to improve in several major areas for us to improve offensively. In this regard, the jury is still out.

At Wed Nov 26, 12:21:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am puzzled an confused???? Shalbrack has over + 180 career tackles, 9 interceptions after his junior year. As a Freshman starter, he was in the hunt for Freshman of the Year with 55 tackles and 5 interceptions (league leader). Zero recognition?

I always thought they ran and passed the other way because they thought he could play. Man, am I wrong.

Thanks, Jake, for the forum.

At Wed Nov 26, 01:16:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that all three of Columnbia's First and Second Team Ivy League selections (Lou Miller, Alex Gross and Drew Quinn) are from the State of Ohio. Having spent a good part of my adult business life in the Buckeye State that doesn't surpise me as Ohio High School Football is outstanding and Columbia University is very well know and highly regarded throughout Ohio With two of the three All-Ivies from Ohio returning next year it seems to me that Columbia will have a definite recruiting edge over the other Ivy League schools this season. Needless to say Columbia Football should try to capitalize on the remarkable success high school players from Ohio are having at Columbia. Finally, congratulations to all these young men on their selection to the All-Ivy Team.

At Wed Nov 26, 02:14:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great comments, 9:21 AM! Was not aware of those numbers. Damn shame on the picks for All Ivy.

Frankly, I noticed the same thing about teams running away from Shalbrack's side as a spur (especially last year), and not throwing at him as a Strong Safety this year. As I said before, he shut down Farnum (All Ivy) last week whenever he had the assignment. He doesn't make mistakes and dosen't get burned. Kind of hard to get the pub under those circumstances. I really want to check the stats of the other All Ivy DBs from years past to see what they did in their first three years.

With due respect to your comment, Jake, there indeed was a serious omission and a "major snub" on the All Ivy picks. That is no doubt due to a losing season and the HYP trifecta for putting their players on the list.

Yeah, I am a fan of Shalbrack's as I generally am of defensive players. (Kudos to Miller, Gross, Quinn, and Frazier) I know and love the game of football. I like the way Shalbrack plays and I think he is smart and a leader on the field and off. He had a great freshman year and didn't get even an HM. He had a solid sophomore year notwithstadning the ball going the other way and still racked up tackles and picks. He did all that was asked of him in a new position and more this year. I would be curious if Coach K agrees with my analysis. Ask him sometime Jake and let us know.

As I said, a damn shame.

The Neckman.

At Wed Nov 26, 05:23:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neckman is entirely correct. Shalbrack is the best safety in the Ivy League. Better than Abare. People run away from him. But it appears as if the voters are looking for production in more concrete terms: tackles, interceptions, etc. Tad Crawford had great numbers, and he was a good player, but his numbers meant that he was making tackles that the LBs were missing. Shalbrack is in my humble opinion at least as worthy as was Tad, and Tad made first team all Ivy twice. In fact, while Tad may have been a bettr ball hawk, Shalbrack is a harder hitter and is faster. I think it was a gross injustice to keep Andy off the first team. To keep him off the Second team and even HM is outrageous. I hope that he comes back next year and has a monster senior season.

At Thu Nov 27, 01:24:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake- curious over the last 25 years, how many unanimous choice first teamer's has Columbia had on both offense and defense? Who were they?


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