Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Punter's Life

It turns out the prosecutor overseeing the case of the Northern Colorado punter who stabbed his teammate is a former punter himself. Ken Buck, Princeton '81 was a first team All-Ivy punter on the 1980 Tiger team that went 6-4 overall and 4-3 Ivy.


At Tue Aug 21, 04:01:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger dabull said...

That's pretty funny. How ironic. Maybe being an ex punter himmself will make the judge come down harder on the happy jabber.

At Tue Aug 21, 04:04:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger Jake said...

The truth is stranger than a Jayson Blair feature article.

At Tue Aug 21, 04:11:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger dabull said...

Did get a chance to swing by the field today? If you did, how did we look?

At Tue Aug 21, 04:14:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger Jake said...

Not today... soon.


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