Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Changes

Here are some of the most stark changes in the weights on the Columbia roster:

Brandon Veldman OL 250 lbs. (-50 pounds)

The coaches said they wanted him to lose weight and then gain it back the right way. He's got the first part of that job done for sure.

Carl Constant OL 315 lbs. (+30 pounds)

The incoming freshman has bulked up... let's hope he did it the right way.

Phil Mitchell DL 266 lbs. (+18 pounds)

Let the dominating begin!

Michael Brune OL 288 lbs. (+10 pounds), Ralph DeBernardo 291 lbs. (+14 pounds)

The two starting tackles get nicely bigger.

Matt Bashaw DL 240 lbs. (-8 pounds)

I had heard the coaches wanted some of the defensive linemen to actually lose weight. I think they're going for speed to augment Mitchell's added size and strength.

Brian England DL 261 lbs. (+11 pounds)

The highly-recruited freshman may be in the running to backup Mitchell on the D-line.

Bayo Aregbe LB 220 lbs. (-13 pounds)

Most of the LB's are right at that 220-235 pound mark, Lou Miller is also exactly 220.

More later...


At Fri Aug 24, 09:22:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian England's size (261) and designation as "DL" on the roster suggests he could also back-up Walz and Loughery at nose tackle. Bruce Flemming 6-4 241 is another possible option to back up Mitchell although he is also listed as a "DL." We also have Mike Egley as 6-2 246 and Matt Stettler at 6-5 218. Their recruiting videos last year both portrayed them as defensive ends. Finally, one of the two big freshman tight ends--Andrew Kennedy and Clif Pope could end up on defense. In summary, at least one freshman defensive lineman is bound to see playing time immediately.

At Fri Aug 24, 10:30:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitchell's improvement in size is impressive. He'll go all ivy this year and have a field day!

At Fri Aug 24, 10:32:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very encouraged by these reports. Mitchell is also taller at 6'6" and should be knocking down some passes at the line of scrimmage. I also noted that Evangelist is a lot bigger.


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