Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Congratulations Coach Wilson!!!

I just read that Columbia Head Coach Norries Wilson and his wife Brenda had their second child, a daughter named Trinity Renee, on Monday. She has an older brother Cecil who is one and-a-half. I didn't even know they were expecting. Congratulations all around!

Notes on the Game Notes

Last week it was rumored that freshman standout Justin Masorti would be getting the start against Iona, but it didn't happen. However, the just-released two-deep for this coming Saturday's game against Penn lists him as the starter over fellow frosh Lou Miller at inside linebacker. Masorti and fullback Pete Stoll were the top two most-touted recruits on this squad, and while we haven't seen Stoll yet, Masorti has made big plays in every game. I've written in the past about how much Masorti reminds me of Lion defensive standout Des Werthman. But he's not the only young star on this defense. If they can avoid injuries, Masorti and fellow freshman Andy Shalbrack, and sophomores Drew Quinn and Philip Mitchell should make up the nucleus of an even better defensive unit in the coming years. We shall see.

Usche Osadebe is listed as the starter at left guard again. Daniel Palmer may be recovering slowly from some minor injuries, or perhaps there are some other factors involved.

A bigger surprise is highly-touted sophomore tight end Troy Evangelist is not on the two-deep at all. I've been surprised that he hasn't seen any passes thrown his way, (maybe one, but I'm not sure), but considering his 6"6, 248-pound frame, this is a bit of a let down. It's possible he's injured, but there have been no reports on that. It's possible he just needs more time to learn the position.


At Wed Oct 11, 04:23:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Richard said...

Stoll has been in three games, only on defense, I guess.

Your comments are very much appreciated, especially as the best I can do in Los Angeles is watch some games on a computer. Thanks, thanks!

At Wed Oct 11, 04:35:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,
Actually, Justin Masorti did start last week, but just was not introduced on the big screen as such. In fact, if you look at tape, he was in the 1st D series, made some great D plays, was double or Triple teamed from the O line, and had a sack. We're real proud of him and he is proud to be representing the Lions.

great work on the blog - thanks

At Wed Oct 11, 08:02:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger Jake said...


Thanks for the point about Stoll. I hope he continues to develop.

At Wed Oct 11, 08:04:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger Jake said...

Thanks anonymours for clearing things up about Masorti. He's on his way. He should just be prepared for the adversity he is certain to face in the coming weeks. Hopefully he'll learn from it and get even better. I will soon do a post on the great exploits of Des Werthman so everyone can know why Masorti reminds me of him.


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