Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Showing us the Love

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All Ivy Today

The All-Ivy football teams are about to be announced at the Ivy sports website.

Coming off our 1-9 season and a ton of injuries, we cannot expect the list to be kind to Columbia today.

I really wish that were not the case, especially for the seniors and the fifth year seniors who sacrficed so much, achieved a great deal, and deserve better.

On the other hand...

But I can confirm at this time that there has already been tremendous interest in the Columbia head coaching job and there are already a lot of coaches actively applying.

Those people include some "big name" coaches we have discussed here, some we have not, and some strong candidates that may not be very famous but have serious and successful coaching experience.

With the talent level on the team much improved from the last time the head coaching job was open, (2005), to the stronger funding position Columbia athletics enjoys, it is an objective fact that this is really a great time for the Lions to be in this "buyer's market."

Coach Mac Speaks Out!

For those of you who don't read the comments section regularly, former Head Coach Larry McElreavy wrote a long assessment of the situation here at Columbia last night.

It is just too good to keep hidden in the comments section, so here it is:

"Yes, Jake is a friend, and I did inform him that I might create a post for the blog. Also please excuse any mispellings or grammatical errors, it is a result of a "land grant education".

Even after 23 years I have not left Columbia Football, I put three years of my life into the program. The ship sank while I was the captain, and no matter what the circumstances were behind the sinking, the responsibility lies with me solely.

I would like to give you my insights as to what it will take to produce a successful football program. These are random thoughts.

For you younger guys and even for the older ones who may have forgotten, please let me refresh you about my background: My college coaching career began at Dartmouth; freshman coach in 1974, I recruited 14 out of 22 starters that would win an Ivy Championship in 1978 (Including Dartmouth Coach-Buddy Teevens).

1975-1980: OL coach at Yale where we won 4 championships in 6 years finishing 2nd the other 2.

1981-82 the OC/OL coach at UPenn where we took a loser and won a championship our second year, Penn for the most part has been winning ever since. Their president at the time made a statement to the effect that it cost Penn more to lose than it did to win, we found out later the winning the championship sent alumni donations into a record setting year.

1983-85 Head Football Coach at the Univ of New Haven, where I took it from Div 111 to a National ranking at the Div 11 level and became a stepping stone for coaches like Tony Sparano(Miami Dolphins), Mark Whipple(pro and college), Chris Palmer (pro and college)

1986-88 Columbia and "The Streak".

Now to Columbia football today

1. You are fortunate to have a Bill Campbell, He has "walked the walk".

2. Ray Tellier and your committee will do a great job. Ray has "walked the walk".

3. Stop complaining about bus rides to Baker (Yale has a not so nice ride to get to their practice facility) Parkers, NYC, etc

4. Believe it when I tell you the new coach is going to look into the eyes of the team he inherits and if he sees or hears bitching about the past staff, he will recruit his own players, he is going to want to see enthusiasm, commitment. He is going to want players that can look in the mirror and say I can do better. Just think if Columbia had played the whole season with the passion and enthusiasm they did against Brown, we wouldn't be having this dialogue.

5. The following is, I feel, the most important think I can relay to you. If any of you will have imput into the hiring process, look for this. To be successful, your next coach needs to have a passion for being in NYC and at Columbia. There are lots of good X & O guys out there with great resumes, great references, etc but if they go to Columbia because it is a job that will get them a better job or if they think they are going to get a great salary and benefits, they are doomed. If you can get that same guy and he can demonstrate a passion to be a part of the dynamic that is Columbia, the core and NYC, he will be able to sell all of this to great young athletes and their parents, the athletes will come and you will win a lot. We proved we could recruit against the Big 3 and everybody else, our freshman teams against predominately Ivy teams were a combined 14 and 4 with an undefeated team in there.

6. You can recruit against anyone!

7. The dynamic of Columbia and NYC is second to none.

8. The Baker Field setting (I have gone to a number of games over the past few years)is second to none in the Ivies or Patriot League.

9. You are fortunate to have Jake and his forum, I would suggest that you close it to current players and parents. All it takes is for one player, parent to read a negative comment and it will begin to erode the confidence in the current or new staff.

10. I thank Jake for allowing me to post this, it will be my only post. I wish you all (even Flickr and Alex) nothing but wins and happy Saturday nights. For those players that have gotten back in touch with me, it has been wonderful, thank you."

Coach Mac



At Wed Nov 23, 07:57:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Russ Stoll said...

Thanks for the post Coach Mac.

Russ Stoll, cc '86


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