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Early Standouts

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So now that the official list of incoming freshmen is out, it’s time to ask the key question: which newcomers look the best?

It’s always a loaded question and the politically correct and easy thing to do is to pretend that no one really has a clue.

You don’t have to read this blog for very long to know that I don’t endorse that kind of safety.

I’m no Mike Francesa, (the WFAN host who NEVER admits he’s wrong and always talks about probable outcomes as if they’re a certainty), I OFTEN admit that I am wrong… and I am pretty often.

But it’s just too boring to not put forth my opinion and your opinions in the comments section every day.

You want wishy washy? Try your local Congressman’s newsletters.

On Roar Lions Roar we have debate, we have opinion, and in my case, we have the occasional mea culpa.

And I can tell you right now, I am sure I will be leaving out one or two of the best future players on my little list below.

Anyway, here are the incoming frosh I have some very good feelings about for this fall:

-Wells Childress DL

Okay, Childress is not a frosh. He’s the transfer with apparent sophomore standing who comes in at 6-4 and 270 lbs. Will he really be an impact player? I say he’s got a shot. He was only a walk-on at A&M, but he has great football pedigree, (his dad was NFL great Ray Childress), and played great high school ball in Houston.
One thing I AM sure of is he’s going to be a BMOC. He has like 25 million Facebook friends, (all of them seem to be attractive young ladies, btw), so look out Columbia social scene, your new champion is on the way!

-John Brady LB

Brady has great size for an Ivy linebacker at 6-1 and 220. He’s also the son of a long-time NFL veteran, Ed Brady. Ohio kid.

-Tom Callahan OL

When you get the captain of the team from the great Lyons Township HS, you get excited. That’s where we got Jeff Adams, who is setting himself up to be one of the top five Columbia offensive linemen in the Ivy era. We’ll probably have to wait longer to see if Callahan turns out to be a star because he’s an o-lineman, (even Adams didn’t get playing time his freshman year), but he has good size and potential.

-Sean Coffinger TE

A team leader at a serious high school program in Arizona, Coffinger seems to have the right attitude right off the bat. He comes to a college team that desperately needs a TE to replace Andrew Kennedy. It may take a year or so, but I expect him to be in the mix.

-Josh Keiles OL

Great sized offensive lineman. Again, since he's at that position we probably won't see him on the field for awhile. But he's got some tools.

-Hunter Little DL

A Tennessee all-stater who comes from the same school as outstanding Lion Phil Mitchell '09 Good combination. Needs to put on some pounds, but I think we’ll see a lot of him in the future.

-EJ Odigwe LB

Another good sized LB from a very good football program, this one being Chandler HS in Arizona.

-Kal Prince QB

He’s the only pro-style QB in the class, so he stands a good chance based on the numbers alone. But Prince is a good sized QB from a competitive program in Kentucky. Got some looks from some bigger programs.

-Vinny Pugliese LB

Yet another good sized LB and one from Ohio to boot. Good aggressive tackler. Since we’re shifting to a 3-4 defense this fall, we’ll probably use lots more linebackers in the coming years.

-Roy Schwartz DL

Good Texas high school prospect who has the added incentive of trying to outplay his twin brother who’s headed to Penn to play the same position.

-Steven Silvio FB

A big fullback from a solid program in Alabama, (the same school where we snagged the already solidy producing Zach Olinger), he certainly seems to fit the bill at a position where the Lions have been lacking for a few years now. A lot of the local football watchers in his area that I’ve talked to are excited about his chances.

-Eric Stock DL

Most coaches tell me the toughest challenge in the Ivies now is recruiting good interior defensive linemen. Stock comes from a good academic and athletic program at Pingry and certainly looks the part. He's got a good shot.

-Malcolm Thaxton DB

Thaxton is one of many good looking defensive backs in the class of 2015. What sets him apart is he seems like a top notch kick and punt returner.


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At Sat Jun 04, 06:51:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake, did you forget about the other QB, Percee Goings?

At Sat Jun 04, 07:37:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto, either Kal Prince or Percee Goings is likely to be Columbia's #2 quarterback next year and the starting quarterback the following year. Great opportunity for both of them.

At Sat Jun 04, 07:59:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here my six votes for players to watch: Carey Parker, Chris Proctor and specially Ryan Thomas all get my vote for players to watch over the next few years. Thomas was a highly recruited offensive lineman in Florida who chose Columbia for all the right reasons. The other two players are huge offensive linemen from Texas football programs so you know they have been well-coached and are ready to play. My last three votes are for another Texan, Wells Childress, defensive back/kick returner, Malcolm Thaxton and defensive lineman, Chad Washington.

At Sat Jun 04, 10:47:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Tod Howard Hawks 66C said...

Help me out here. What am I missing? Owen Fraser, now listed as a senior, was honorable mention All Ivy as a freshman, then was injured the next two years. Therefore, why has he not received at least one medical red-shirt year, if not two? Thanks.

At Sat Jun 04, 12:48:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was excited last year about our chances, but the season exposed our vulnerabilities on defense and in the coaching/playcalling. It seems NW is addressing most of these issues just as he addressed the kicking game issue from the year before.

A 3-4 defense with Fraser back or another big hog supported by swift hard hitting linebackers should fare better than last year. Maybe Childress steps up quickly?

I have to imagine our Offense will be at least as good as last year and possibly more consistent through all four quarters. Coupled with a tougher run D and 4-6 record should at least flip to 6-4, with the 4 L's all being competitive.

Or is it too soon for predictions?

At Sat Jun 04, 06:27:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re Fraser's status: these things don't get sorted out until next Spring. that is when the issue of an additional year will be addressed.

At Sat Jun 04, 07:10:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it too early to speak about possible walk-ons? Track and Field has a runner coming in from the State of Washington who was a state finalist in the 440 and also played football before he was injured.

At Sat Jun 04, 07:53:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm listing below the link for the twelve football highlights of incoming Columia freshmen that some kind soul posted recently on the Ivy League Football Board. Goings' video is not very clear, but obviously he is an excellent passer and dangerous runner. As you would expect, one of the most professional videos is that of wide receiver, Dan Slivka, who played in the tough Western Pennsylvania league. I like the way he gets separation on film and makes some tough catches.

At Sun Jun 05, 02:27:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Medical redshirt years aren't always rubber stamped and are ruled on after the "true" senior year by the Ivy League. Most are OK'd, but not all. There is no such thing in the Ivy as a second medical redshirt year.

At Mon Jun 06, 07:18:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think DL will be strong assuming they use the proper players. I went and looked at the 2010 stats today. It was interesting that the person who went from 1st to 2nd string on the DL last year had the most yards lost in sacks on average. One DE and had more overall. Hopefully the coaches are seeing the same thing and play the bigger (maybe not the fastest) guys in the middle. Anything under 275 in the middle is going to hurt us against the big OLs like Penn. If you go back 2 years the Darmuth game is a great example of what happens when the big guys are not playing (all out because of injury and sickness).

One thing about Childress, until he is weighed in at camp you have to wonder just how big he is. The release said 270. A&M and Rivals reported in the 240-250 range. I would hope that extra 20 is all muscle. I still think his place will be DE which is what A&M recruited him for. Hope fully he can contribute this year, but, like all incoming players don’t expect much until next year.

At Mon Jun 06, 11:14:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...
Kal Prince Highlights. Much clearer version.

At Tue Jun 07, 08:49:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake I think you missed Slivka. Look at his size and his ability to catch the ball in traffic. I don't know how fast he is but in the video he gets good separation and he's hard to tackle.


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