Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Kennedy Chronicles

Andrew Kennedy in his days at Staples High School Days

Another day, another major honor for senior TE Andrew Kennedy.

It’s been a long, great trip for Kennedy who was one of the first incoming recruits I ever wrote about on this blog.

Here the chronology:

-On Feb. 7, 2007, I first identified Kennedy as a potential incoming frosh... but as a DE.

-Four days later on Feb. 11, the the news came that Kennedy was indeed going to become a Lion.

-On the Ides of March, I posted some additional news about Andrew and even tabbed him as the potential top recruit in the incoming class.

-In late June 2007, we learned that Kennedy had won his final honor at Staples High School.

-Kennedy became a recognized key to the team in May 2008 when we learned that Troy Evangelist had left the squad.

-By August, we had learned that Head Coach Norries Wilson had been coaching Kennedy personally.

-Kennedy’s first TD catch was one of the highlights in Columbia’s 29-22 loss to Fordham in the 2008 season opener.

-He started to make a bigger impact a few weeks later against Lafayette.

-As we counted down to the start of the 2009 season, I featured Andrew as a player to watch.

-In mid July of that year, Kennedy was named as a preseason All Ivy 2nd Teamer.

-In the 2009 season opening win over Fordham, Kennedy had a monster game.

-Kennedy’s work landed him on the official All Ivy 2nd Team at the end of the season.

-We learned in April of this year that Andrew was going to be a team captain.

-In May, it was time to single out Kennedy again as being the clear leader among returning Ivy tight ends, a theme I revisited in July.

-The same publication that named Andrew a 2nd team preseason All Ivy in 2009, put him on the 1st team in preseason 2010.

-In August, Kennedy’s hometown paper published a new feature about him.

-He was a big part of so many games this season, Kennedy was the clear Columbia MVP against Yale in the Lions’ 31-28 loss.


At Thu Dec 23, 10:03:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see Kennedy as a Dustin Keller type of pass catching TE who can and should play on sundays. he is the most NFL-ready Ivy Leaguer, and he fits the mold of the pass catching TE who is primarily a receiver rather than a blocker.


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