Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ivy Power Rankings, Week 8

Check this Out!

That's Larry Walsh ’86, with freshman kicker Luke Eddy who broke Walsh’s Columbia record for consecutive successful PAT’s in a single season. Eddy has now hit 24 extra points in a row. Walsh has no hard feelings about his 27-year-old record dying.

Jake’s Week Eight Ivy Power Rankings

1. Penn (#1 last week)

It just keeps getting better for the Quakers. Billy Ragone is better. The endless string running backs are better. The defense is better. Is there anyone who needs me to go on?

2t. Harvard (2)

Eh. Can anyone still be that impressed with the Crimson after the way they sleepwalked through the 23-7 win over Columbia Saturday? Obviously, this is a very good team but they could be badly beaten by Penn this weekend.

2t. Yale (4)

Looking better and better. If you erase the poor second half against Columbia two weeks ago, you’re looking at a juggernaut of a team compared to last year’s poor squad overall.

4. Dartmouth (5)

Dartmouth’s offensive line and running game simply set it apart from most Ivy teams. The slow start against Cornell would be a concern if it weren’t for the fact that the Big Green have started EVERY game slowly all season.

5. Brown (3)

Losing at home for the first time this year sends the beaten up Bears down the line right now. There are just too many injuries here right now.

6. Columbia (6)

Treaded water with the loss at Harvard. But the Lions need to avoid an emotional abyss or risk losing to Cornell this Saturday.

7. Cornell (7)

Not a terrible showing vs. Dartmouth, but not a good one either. The offense did almost nothing.

8. Princeton (8)

Penn was relatively merciful even in the 52-10 win over the Tigers. Big Three schools are not supposed to fall this far.


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