Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Info

Who's snapping the ball now?

Lou Miller '10, defending Ivy League sacks and TFL leader, is the new star of the "splash page." Check it out when you can.

Fordham's game notes for the game this Saturday are now out.

The notes list senior center Robby Reis as the starter for the game, but several of my Fordham sources confirm Reis is out for the season with an injury. I do not expect to see him in the game and I assume his inclusion in the two-deep is a mistake. (This should also act as yet another warning about how two-deep info is not to taken as the Gospel).

Penn is also out with its game notes for their opener against Villanova. The Quakers do not list super transfer Fred Craig from Stanford anywhere in their two deep either. Something I find more than a little questionable.

That said, we love to read through the notes and the two-deeps... because they say we are football geeks.

Guilty as charged.


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