Thursday, August 27, 2009


The construction is finished, and they're open!

So it turns out I buried the lede as they say earlier this month when I went up to the Baker Athletics Complex.

As I walked up to 218th Street I noticed that the Twin Donut is BACK OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

All last season, the new storefront was in evidence, but it was never open.

Now it's open.

Our sugar fix will be met this coming season.

As for parking in the Twin Donut lot, (something the store allowed for football fans in return for $15 or $10 depending on the game), I'm not sure.

Of course, since Twin Donut first closed a couple of seasons ago, a number of real parking lots have cropped up between 210th and 218th, so you really don't need to rely on that option anymore.

But hey... we got our donuts back!!!


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