Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday Odds and Ends

Austin Knowlin didn't drop the ball Saturday

-The statisticians have fixed the errors from the game report versus Harvard and freshman James Burrell now has credit for his first career reception. It appears the catch first credited to Matt Moretto has now been given properly to Austin Knowlin, putting him at eight receptions for the game.

-Speaking of receptions, I neglected to mention the incredible nature of Knowlin's TD catch late in the fourth quarter. Getting to the ball in traffic was one thing, but the real feat was staying in bounds at the back of the end zone.

-The Ivy race is now a three-way tie between Penn, Brown and Harvard who all have 4-1 records. We have not seen Brown up close yet, but can any Columbia fan say Penn is as good as Harvard after what we saw of the Quakers at Franklin Field on October 18th?

-While it's a three-way race now, don't count out Yale. The Bulldogs actually could make it a four-way race! Big Green Alert blogger Bruce Wood outlines that scenario here.

-The stat that shows 37 Harvard rushes for just 4 yards against Columbia Saturday is technically correct. It's just that the snap that sailed over Crimson punter Thomas Hull's head went down as a 33 yard team rushing loss. Also, all the yardage lost on Columbia's five sacks was taken off the rushing totals. So, it was more like 31 Harvard rushes for 60 yards. Still pretty darn good for the Lions defense, but more realistic.

-Alex Gross now leads the Ivy League in tackles. Dartmouth's Ian Wilson is a close second and the Lions' Drew Quinn is a close third. This race is also going down to the wire.


After the rough weather scared away lots of potential donors at the Dartmouth game, Columbia football has decided to set up another toys for tots table at the Cornell game this Saturday. The details are here. I also hear a table will be set up at the first home games for Columbia men's basketball. Please be generous.


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