Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome Back!

Fans under 35 will not understand why this picture is here

The Columbia Football Lions report to Coach Wilson today and training camp is underway. There should be some basic reports coming out of the official athletics web site somewhat soon and of course, keep your eyes on the roster page for any changes in weights, etc. (I will point those changes as soon as they are updated, or as soon as I realize something's changed... which could take a while).

The 2008 Media Guide

Seniors Drew Quinn and Jordan Davis adorn the cover the 2008 football media guide, which is for sale now here. Have I told everyone how addicted I am to media guides? I do collect vintage Lions media guides and they are always a joy. I have the 1971 and 1983 guides on their way to me in the mail this very week, along with a game program from the Columbia-Army contest of 1938... you know the one where Sid Luckman become a true legend.

A few housekeeping announcements. Next week I will post my 2008 Ivy League football Predictions made up of a team-by-team analysis of each squad going from my predicted 8th place team first to my predicted champion last.

My Columbia preview will be more detailed and rolled out separately. It will include my "Keys to the Season" much like my "Keys to the Game" segment that I do with Jerry Recco during our Columbia football broadcasts.

Speaking of broadcasts, while the official details are not yet available, Jerry and I WILL be back for another year doing the games on Columbia's website stream and most likely a local radio station here in New York as well. Jerry doesn't need to, but I will try to do a better job this season! Jerry has been busy lately covering Jets training camp for WFAN where a little-known player named Brett Favre is making a wee bit of news.

But getting back to the return of the football team to campus, do any of you remember how great move-in day was every year at Columbia? If you were lucky enough to get there early, you usually enjoyed almost a week in New York City with no classes or other obligations. Good times. Of course, the football players don't get that freedom, but I hope they enjoy today anyway. Especially the freshmen, who at least won't have to sweat through a practice yet.


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