Sunday, June 15, 2008

Game #3 (Day 98)

Prosper was always Mr. Excitement when he had the ball

Continuing with the theme of rare bright spots in otherwise darker times, I thought I'd focus on the biggest win of 2005.

An extremely small, (just about 75 players), Columbia team took on Fordham to start the season at Jack Coffey Field. For the seniors on this year's team, it was their first game as Lions. And they started their careers with a thrilling victory.

My write-up of the game from 2005 is here.

Almost three years later, remembering the game now is bittersweet. Prosper Nwokocha's great performance still stands out, but so does the memory of my aching butt after sitting on Fordham's aluminum bleacher seats for so long, (must remember to bring a cushion for next year's game).

And in other news...

Tad Crawford '07 returned an interception for a touchdown in the B.C. Lions preseason loss to Saskatchewan.


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