Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Princeton Game Notes Up

Does Cart Kelly have a bulls eye on his back? (CREDIT: Princeton Athletics)

The Princeton game notes and two-deep are now available on the Tiger website.

Some points of interest:

1) Princeton has an undersized offensive line too. But they're not as small as Marist was and the Red Foxes ran all over us.

2) Princeton had the best defense I've ever seen in the Ivies last year, and despite some key losses to graduation, the unit still looks good. But I wonder if the Lions will try to pick on Princeton's new corner, sophomore Cart Kelly. The other corner is another sophomore, Dan Kopolovich, who seems to be emerging as the better player right now.

3) Princeton's lead running back, R.C. Lagomarsino, broke his nose last week against Lehigh, but still came back into the game to score a TD. He may be wearing one of those Ladanian Tomlinson-style visors to protect his face.

And please chime in with any thoughts you might have for getting to the game Saturday. The post below talks about some added traffic we'll have to expect on the roads because of the Rutgers game against Maryland. One commenter has suggested taking I-78 instead of the Turnpike, but I think there may be some Rutgers traffic there too. Any thoughts?


At Thu Sep 27, 12:26:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't know why anyone would do anything other than NJ Rail - you change at Princeton Junction and the "Dinkie" takes you right to the campus.

At Thu Sep 27, 01:13:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Princeton brought in long time U of Delaware offensive line coach, Greg Perry, last year. UD is the home of the wing-T offense. Coach Perry was brought in to add wing-t elements to Princeton's offense. The wing-t relies on smaller, quicker and more mobile O-linemen. In other words, the O-Line is smaller on purpose. The running game is based more on deception, the option and quick pulling guards than zone blocking with big, powerful linemen. Whether this scheme will help or hurt CU's run defense remains to be seen but as you point out Marist didn't have a big O-line. CU's run defense really needs to step up.

At Thu Sep 27, 03:35:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Turnpike should not be a problem, Rutgers game or not. If coming from NYC, taking 78 is an alternative, but involves making a large circle. And, that route requires taking I-78 west to I-278 south, then 206 south to Princeton. It will then take a while to get to the stadium as it is on the other side of town, i.e., on the other side of Nassau St.

At Thu Sep 27, 08:53:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave early, 11ish. Drive down Route 9 while playing Bruce Springsteen's music to get yourself in the proper mood. Get off in Freehold for lunch (or a couple early races at Freehold Raceway) downtown there are several interesting places to dine. Then drive out of town west on Main Street until you catch up with 571. Take it all the way across Mercer County, past the Peddie School, to Route 1 and its juncture with Princeton. Even stop at a few farm stands along the way.

You'll hsve gone through the Boss's old stamping (stomping?)grounds and then meandered through a nice chunk of what remains of "agricultural" Jersey, as well as the office parks and lab complexes spawned by proximity to Princeton and its namesake university.

And finally, at Princeton, victory awaits. It will only cost $5 to witness, too.



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