Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Alternate Routes

I'm hearing about some other good ways to avoid Route 1 to Princeton:

"If you want to avoid US 1, take the Turnpike down to Exit 8 and then head due West on the Hightstown Road. It's only a two-lane road in spots but the entire drive is no more than six miles and you completely avoid US 1."


"Get off the turnpike at 8A and take 130 south to Cranbury then west on the Plainsboro Rd. then Scudders Mill (two-lane). Hits Rte 1 south of Forrestal and you can make a left off US1 at Harrison to get to the football parking. You're on US1 for a few hundred yards. It's the shortest way and is the route bus drivers etc. use."


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