Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Recruiting Info

I found this article about incoming freshman linebacker Matt Moretto on my own, but the folks over at the VOY Ivy Sports Board caught the news about him first. It looks like defensive coordinator Lou Ferrari is continuing to favor faster types for linebacker who also play fullback. That's what he got in Justin Masorti last season, and who can argue with that kind of success?

We have a possible football and baseball recruit in Cecilia, Louisiana's Trent Hebert , (pictured above). No matter what he does, young Mr. Hebert sounds like a kid with a good head on his shoulders.

Star Sighting

I was bummed to see the Columbia mens and womens teams get swept at home on Saturday by Cornell. But there was one pleasingly familiar face in the crowd, and it was none other than Columbia's all-time leading rusher Johnathan Reese. I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but it appeared he was enjoying himself. With Reese's attempts to hook up with an NFL team now apparently over, I wonder what he'd doing with himself nowadays.


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