Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Cause, Good News

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Ralph DeBernardo

Graduated Lion gridders Ralph DeBernardo, Adrian Demko and Justin Nunez are all competing in "The Decathlon," a "Wall Street against Cancer" event tomorrow at Baker Field.

Please click here and search for "DeBernardo," "Demko," or "Nunez" in the competitor name search bar to donate in honor of any or all three of these great guys!

Ralph is competing in honor of his late mother Pat, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2009.

Pat was a wonderful woman and a good friend to me and Columbia football.

My entire family misses her.

Donations are being taken through the end of today.

Video Update

Thanks to some good work by both the Columbia and Dartmouth athletic departments, video of the game tomorrow will be available via Sidelion Pass! That means if you are already a subscriber, (and you really should be), you won't have to shell out any more money to get this great event coverage.

I'll miss the visit to Memorial Field this year, especially since the weather is expected to be nice. But I won't miss the drive and since the game starts at the later 1:30 kickoff time... I REALLY won't miss getting home at about 10pm if I'm lucky!


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