Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gameday Updates-- No Alex Thomas

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No Rain Yet

The promised rain has not yet started to fall in the New York City area, although I do expect it to begin soon.

Part of me is happy for the bad weather as I'd like to see today be the worst possible physical and emotional afternoon for Yale.

RB Alex Thomas will be out today for the Elis, and that should help. Of course, Yale still has Mordecai Cargill, a big back that could test the Lions' erratic tackling.


At Sat Oct 29, 10:50:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snowing in NY, 10 min to game time. GO LIONS!!!

At Sun Oct 30, 04:15:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another agonizing case of too little too late. Brackett has not been up to par this season, made a poor decision at the end when it appeared he could have easily run for the first down and kept us in the game, needing only a field goal for the tie.

On the plus side, we may have found our best running back in Griffin Lowry. No one else has run as hard and effectively. He was offered by Harvard and Penn, but we got him probably because he was injured and out most of his senior year in high school. He's been injured here, too, but looks ready now. Eric Stock at DL also looks promising. The defense played well for the most part and showed some fire,, but as usual they were on the field way too long.

At Sun Oct 30, 04:47:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree on Lowry. He is a hard running back with good size. Brackett is playing hurt. Let's recognize his courage. Good effort with a bend but not break sort of defense. Conditions were terrible. One bad call at the end really killed us; no flag on pass interference just before Brackett threw that awful interception. We need a big, reliable receiver with good hands. There were some drops today that should have been catches. But these kids never quit. Let's recognize that. I saw it first hand; I was there, and outside, for the whole game.

At Sun Oct 30, 05:14:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the best efforts of the season. Needed to be a little more consistent on defense. We gave up 300+ yards rushing, which is all anyone could do. Agree with Lowry comments, but would he have gotten in if Garett did not get injured? Maybe should try this at other positions without the starter needing to get hurt. I have some nice phone pictures of the game, but a very wet phone.

At Sun Oct 30, 05:39:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When he was broadcasting Yale games, Carm Cozza said Columbia was just two guys on ach side of the ball from being a very good football team. I'd say that's down to one guy each, an OL and a DB.

At Sun Oct 30, 05:55:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What team are you watching? This is another example of saying that we have too much talent. The entire offensive line averages 6'6"-6'7" 290lbs and we can't run the ball at all??? Furthermore, Bracket is getting killed back there, so somebody is not blocking??? That's more than one-two guys I'm afraid. In addition, we have no TEs and can't stretch the field. Look, these are just observations, not trying to be overly critical here, but facts are facts. Based on the talent hat they had coming back, I had them at 6-4 (at least)!

At Sun Oct 30, 07:29:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We played hard and if we'd played all season like this we wouldn't be 0-7. But we don't have 6-4 talent. For all the complaining about the OL, we lack skill. RBs are slow (except Gerst, who is fragile), WRs drop a LOT of balls, one of the DBs dropped a potential pick-6 in the first half. Do we have 3 Int's the whole season? No playmakers on D, except for Martin. Brackett is a very good player, but maybe not 100%. Today's game was about the players. We fought hard but came up short on talent. No shame in that, but no excuses either.

At Sun Oct 30, 07:36:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

0-7 is 0-7. We need a change asap. Kids didn't quit this week but it sure looked differently last week. That's coaching. We had the talent to be a mid tier Ivy and have grossly underachieved. That's coaching.How does a recruit pick CU next year unless we bring a legit HC in a week after the season is over. Wheels are hopefully in motion.

At Sun Oct 30, 07:50:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you get our RB Are slow but Gerst? WE seem to forget that Garrett has been playing hurt all year but played. It's said that he's stronger and faster health.stop trying to make it seem like one player who have 27 carries for the year is our answer. Gerst is a good RB but to say all the RB are slow but Gerst get real.

At Sun Oct 30, 08:29:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our guys should be proud of themselves! They hung in there and played a very good game.

The continual debacle of play calling (COL passed on 53% of our plays while YALE passed on 14%) makes it hard to compete. Not to beleaguer the short comings of the coaching, but did they not realize it was snowing pretty good out there? Does running the ball come to mind in bad weather?!?

Speaking of the weather, the coaching staff should be admonished for not allowing our guys to wear parkas! Heck, I even saw players sharing hand warmers!!!

At Sun Oct 30, 09:15:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the parkas, the last poster criticized the coaches for "not allowing" the players to wear them. My guess is they don't have any. Hopefully the new coaching regime (if in fact it arrives) will address this deficiency. A change in the uniforms would also be welcome adding some black or dark blue trim for a more rugged look. Other CU teams have it, why not football?

At Tue Nov 01, 12:13:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't have any parkas????? Then get some!!!!! Heck,they can be re-used. They would probably need them once or twice a season. I did not see one coach without gloves, a hat or a warm coat. The team on the sidelines couldn't tell you much about the game, because they were huddled trying to stay warm.Ridiculous,not to mention cruel! This entire FB program leaves me so disallusioned.These kids came in this season so confidant, so excited and ready tplay hard.Now,they are so afraid to make a mistake on the field(for fear of being yanked or reamed out in front of the fans) that they can only concentrate on NOT screwing up,rather than the job they should be doing... playing hard and winning. My observation has not been positive, I can only imagine how the players feel. Probably cannot wait for the season to end. What a shame. I can only hope that the AD reads this blog along with the pres. of the school. I also wish that someone with some influence or has a friendship with Bob Kraft will relate to him how the CU FB supporters feel. I am sure he can help in a BIG way. I know I would use my influence if a stadium were named after me. I give alot of credit to the team for hanging in there saturday. I felt that it was anyones game, guess it was the "warmer" team with the advantage!


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