Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Quakers

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Penn makes five Ivy schools that have formally released the names of their incoming freshman football class.

Penn’s biggest “need” this fall is to find a way to replace all the starters graduating from its historically great offensive line.

But freshmen can’t really be expected to contribute to an OL, so it appears the real potential early impact players come from the defensive side of the ball.

Some other overall impressions:

-Only one QB is in this class, not too surprising considering Penn already has a good number of underclassmen quarterbacks.

-Only four incoming frosh are from New Jersey and just two are from Pennsylvania. Usually, the biggest chunk of the Quaker classes come from these states.

-Illinois is becoming a bigger hunting ground for Ivy programs. Penn is grabbing six players from the Land of Lincoln.


Daniel Davis

A 6-3, 230 pound linebacker from football country in Norman, Oklahoma. Could play soon.

Matt Kiefer

A 6-4, 300 pound OL and a Georgia state champion.

Mitchell King

The Quakers haven’t had a big pass-catching TE in a while. King is 6-6 and 235 pounds. Check please!

Spencer Kulcsar

You can’t take your eyes off a star RB coming out of Bergen Catholic.

Michael Mettille

A 6-2, 205 pound all-stater LB from Chicago-area powerhouse Joliet Catholic.

Kyle Wilcox

One of the top RB’s coming out of the very football-rich state of Florida. Some think he’s the best freshman back coming into the class of 2015 in the Ivies. But can he get playing time with the 1,512 experienced RB’s already on the Quaker roster? J

Brion Wood

Another 6-3 linebacker? Yep. And Wood is another strong kid from the Chicago area.


At Thu May 19, 10:35:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bags' comments are typically modest and understated. It's easy to see why he is so beloved by other coaches areound the league.


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