Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coming to Cambridge...

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Niv Sultan

Today, Harvard became the fourth Ivy school to announce its football class of 2015.

And, as usual, it’s an impressive class. But what you have to remember with Harvard is that the Crimson make even their best prospects wait their turn before really giving them a chance to make an impact with the varsity.

That’s especially true for offensive linemen, who usually wait the longest to actually get on the field.

In other words, it may be more than two more years before we really speak about any of these players again!

But the new offensive linemen coming into Cambridge this fall are really impressive. That’s the real headline for this class.

Now let me focus on what look like the real gems in this group.

Zach Boden RB

An all-stater from Georgia who has the perfect size to play Ivy ball at his position.

Tyler Hamblin, QB

A legit 6-3 QB in this league deserves a special look. Hamblin comes from the same Christian Brothers Academy that sent Marty Domres to Columbia.

Michael Mancinelli OL

A 6-5 285-pounder and an all-state player from Colorado. Played for a seriously goof HS program.

Obum Obukwelu DT

A 6-2 265-pound local product from Brockton, MA. Perhaps the top “get” of this Harvard class. Still probably won’t play for the Varsity for real until 2013.

Chris Valenti OL

A big lineman and a two-time all-stater in the ever-better high school football country of Connecticut.

Will Whitman OL

Another two-time all-stater… this time from Kentucky.

And then there's…

I am still really bitter than Long Island’s Niv Sultan,
after playing a season for ROBERT KRAFT’S Israeli semi-pro league, is part of this Harvard class instead of coming to Columbia.

I’m sure Columbia is not in any way at fault for not grabbing this kid, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.

Maybe he has a younger brother?


At Wed May 18, 07:21:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zach Boden, played at a tiny school in a tiny class of georgia football, in the triple option, which inflates the statistics of running backs. Don't look for him to be a serious contributor other than special teams.

At Wed May 18, 09:53:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless Niv Sultan personally tried to recruit Sultan and failed, which I doubt, I don't know why he is any more logical a Columbia recruit than anybody else. And I don't buy into any of this high school hype. Maybe the coaches know in advance who is a blue chip type guy, but I shure can't tell. PS, WHERE IS OUT LIST ALREADY?

At Fri Oct 14, 04:53:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only has Zach Boden played as a Freshman RB for Harvard in all of the games, but he has scored two touchdowns and has completed every pass thrown to him. Check him out for yourself. He is a hard worker and a serious contributor. He will continue to contribute every time he touches the ball!


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