Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where's the Kicking Beef?

It looks like Coach Estes has more laminated cards than kickers

Brown is usually the last Ivy League team to announce its football recruiting class each year, but this time the Bears have beaten Columbia, Cornell and Yale to the punch with this list released yesterday.

Once again, this new Brown class has a pretty strong local flavor with three Rhode Island high school grads and another six players from the New England area. That's nine total New Englanders out of 26 total incoming frosh, or almost 35%.

One surprise for me is only one kicker is on the list. Brown's kicking woes were about as bad as Columbia's were last season, (maybe worse), but the Lions are bringing a lot of talented kickers, according to published reports. It's possible Brown Head Coach Phil Estes has a walk-on kicker or two up his sleeve, and we'll keep an eye out for that.

Ex-Teammate Alert!

Based on what I've seen about our incoming class for 2014, only one of our projected freshmen could be playing against his former high school teammates in Ivy play. That would be Nick Melka from Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois, who is reportedly coming to Columbia and his current teammates Michael Runger and Philip Schmidt are going to Dartmouth. I'll keep an eye out for the Cornell and Yale lists to see if Nick will be alone on this list for this particular year.


At Sat May 29, 09:03:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger HBShannon said...

Some other players from Columbia will be playing against ex-teammates from Brown:

Mayfield (OH)-

Matt Shannon, S Brown (Fr.)
Karson Bodnovich, DE Columbia (Jr.)

Xaverian Bros. (MA)-

Alex Phelan, QB Brown (Fr.)
Bryan Kipp. OL Columbia (Sr.)

At Sat May 29, 09:15:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger HBShannon said...

Kicking was definiately the shortall for Brown's 2009 season.

Stony Brook would have been a win. Harvard at least, would have gone to OT.

Penn may have never gone to OT at all.

The let down against Columbia at seasons end would have been a different situation if Brown was sitting at 7-2, 8-1 or 9-0.

Nate Lovett is an All-Ivy punter. Nathan Meyer has the coaching staff's confidence and can kick and punt. And last year's stand-in Pat Rooney is still on the roster, focused on defense but available. So adding only 1 more kicker is not surprising.

At Mon May 31, 12:02:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Maybe" worse?? Sorry, but our kicking game all but cost us a share of the championship last year. The only game we deserved to lose was Columbia; with a kicker, we'd have beaten Stony Brook, (probably) Harvard, and Penn. I'm still furious about it. Then again, it's probably karma- we were WAYYY too spoiled with Steve Morgan for three years and then Robert Ranney stepping up big his senior year.


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