Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Extra Credit

Buff Donelli coached all the Lions from 1957-1967

During yesterday's latest installment of my interview with Roger Dennis, he threw out the names of some Lions players of the past that many fans may not be too familiar with.

One was Leo Makohen, a split end/wide receiver who was one of the few Lions given any respect in this preview of the 1966 in Sports Illustrated. Makohen had a solid, but not spectacular season in '66. Like so many of the Lion football alumni from the 40', 50's and 60's, Makohen is now a medical professional. He works as a dentist in Massachusetts.

The other end mentioned in that SI piece was Gerry Zawadzkas, who did end up leading the team in receptions, and he was drafted by hte NFL's Detroit Lions after the season.

But the headliner that year was a sophomore almost no one saw coming. That was QB Marty Domres who took over the starting job at the end of the season. Domres led the Lions to two wins on the final two weekends, beginning with a 22-14 surprise win over Penn.

Jerry Hug '65, was Archie Roberts' first great regular target. Both Roberts and Hug were sophomores who barged into the starting lineup in 1962 and ended up leading the team in passing and receiving, respectively. Columbia went 5-4 that year with a memorable 14-10 win over Yale as a major highlight.

Ed Malmstrom '65, was a standout fullback and linebacker for the Lions. He now manages the health cre investment division for Bank of America. His hometown paper in Kane, PA recently profiled his accomplishments.


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