Wednesday, March 03, 2010

But do they have a Snooki?

The Real Wives of Towson Football

Is this the beginning of the next reality hit? Maybe on ESPN? Check out this blog created by the wives of the Towson University football coaching staff called "The Real Wives of Towson Football!"

There are some good posts on this blog, and not many punches pulled about what it's like to be married to a college football coach. These guys better be on their best behavior, or it will get in this blog!

I'm sure many of the Columbia parents and coaches' wives will find a lot to relate to in this blog. As a fan, I note that one of the wives is expecting her first child on this September 25th... the same day of the Towson game here against our Lions. Best of luck to her... on the baby that is!

Vidushan Nadarajah

I don't know if this young man from Staten Island can play football in college, but he's a great student and an inspiring story of a foreign kid who fell in love with American football.

Young Vidushan Nadarajah won this year's Andrew Barberi Scholarship Award, and he has applied to Columbia, Harvard, Cornell, Penn and Brown among others.

Ray Tellier

I received some great emails and comments yesterday about my posting on the geographical origins of Lion football teams over the years. As many of you pointed out, Ray Tellier was not the FIRST Columbia coach to branch out from just the Northeast and/or the Ohio area with recruiting. But I will say he was the first to do it very successfully and with consistency.

In case anyone is wondering, here are the New York area representations on the best teams at Columbia over the last 40 years:

1971 (6-3 record, 2nd place Ivy League)

Total Players (Varsity Only): 94

Total Players from NY/NJ/CT Metro Area: 34 (36.1%)

1994 (5-4-1 record, first winning season since '71)

Total Players: 112

Total Players from NY/NJ/CT Metro Area: 15 (13.3%)

1996 (8-2 record, 2nd place Ivy League)

Total Players: 109

Total Players from NY/NJ/CT Metro Area: 18 (16.5%)

2006 (5-5 record, first non-losing season since 1996)

Total Players: 92

Total Players from NY/NJ/CT Metro Area: 14 (15.2%)


At Thu Mar 04, 07:19:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a fine assortment of football wives - but it has not escaped my notice that football players often have good looking mates! Good for them!

Jake, you are reporting on "soft" football news - but I'll let you off this time.

FYI, the CU Band had a sign about Snooki at the hoops game.


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