Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Helmet Stickers: Diamonds in the Rough Edition

Another Buckeye gets a sticker... Evan Miller

It was an ugly game on Saturday with all the Lion turnovers and the general disappointment of dropping yet another Homecoming contest, but there were some good performances that should be acknowledged.

I already mentioned the good jobs turned in by Lou Miller and Austin Knowlin, here are some others of note:

-Evan Miller continues to play well in place of the injured Alex Gross. The younger Mr. Miller had 10 tackles, some of them very crucial.

-Adam Mehrer had another interception and 10 tackles of his own, as he continues to show a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

-Andrew Kennedy continues to show a knack for getting open. He had 3 catches for 51 yards including a 28-yard TD.

-Matt Moretto made a very nice play to turn around just in time to intecept a pass.

-Greg Guttas handled the punting duties exclusively and did a solid job, averaging almost 40 yards a punt with four inside the 20.

-Ray Rangel is still the Ivy League's leading rusher despite his roughest game of the year. But he did not fumble and that was a blessing in a turnover-plagued day.

Here is the current list of the top 5 rushers in the Ivies:

1. Ray Rangel, Columbia 420 yards 5.8 YPC
2. Nick Schwieger, Dartmouth 366 yards 3.7 YPC
3. Zach Tronti, Brown 339 yards 3.8 YPC
4. Lyle Marsh Penn 292 yards 4.5 YPC
5. Gino Gordon, Harvard 268 yards 4.3 YPC


At Wed Oct 21, 04:47:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your points are well taken. Lost in the disappointment over the loss and all of the turnovers is that the D, which was on the field for 38 minutes! played well.

At Wed Oct 21, 06:48:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Murphy deserves a helmet sticker as a thank you for her efforts in putting on great homecoming festivities including her support of a pig roast for the young-er Columbia football alumni group.

At Thu Oct 22, 02:06:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger cathar said...

Dianne Murphy always deserves notice and congratulations for the job she's done in general for Columbia sports. Most of the head coaches (save Joe Jones) are in fact her hires, and her overall "won-loss record" during her tenure is pretty darn good.


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