Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Least Favorite Records

John Witkowski's passing records don't bother me

I love looking through the Columbia football record book from time to time.

I'm not pouring over the data to win at Columbia Football Jeopardy, or to feed my inner math geek.

Actually, I do it for two reasons: 1) I want to be aware in the broadcast booth if and when a Columbia record is about to fall, and 2) I like to remind myself of those Columbia records that are long overdue to be broken.

Breaking some of those older records could really be the key to a great season this year and beyond.

Here are my Top 5 LEAST favorite Lion records:

5) Single Season QB Completion Percentage: Archie Roberts .616, 1963

The great Archie Roberts holds this record, (which requires a minimum of 75 attempts), set during his junior season of 1963 when that kind of completion percentage was pretty high. But now, it's not exactly breathtaking. If a regular Columbia starter at QB breaks that record in the coming years, that would probably mean big-time offensive improvement that season.

4) No HYP Season Sweep

Columbia has never, and that's never in over 130 years or so, defeated Harvard, Princeton and Yale in the same season. Doing so in any given year would probably mean that the Lions are really contending for a title. And sweeping the "big boys" would always be nice.

3) Career Receptions: Don Lewis 176, (1981-83)

Austin Knowlin entered the 2008 season with 118 catches, and I thought he had a really great chance to bust that record last year. But he finished with 39 receptions and his career total now stands at 157 and third on the all-time list. Knowlin can't leap over Lewis and Bill Reggio in the three-year totals, (Reggio has 170), but he should break the overall record this year for sure.

I realize Columbia's offense changed when Craig Hormann graduated. But I dream of Knowlin getting about 7 receptions per game at least.

2) Single Season Receiving Yards: Don Lewis 1,000, 1982

I swear I have nothing against Don Lewis! But it seems like someone should have shattered this record a long time ago. Knowlin came darn close in 2007 with 988 yards, and I can remember 2-3 long receptions that were negated by penalties that would have put him over the top.

1) Best Home Winning Streak at Wien Stadium: 3 wins, 1996-97

It's all about winning, and you want your team to have a real home field advantage. Columbia won a pair of emotional games against Cornell and Brown in 1996 to close out the season and then won the home opener against Towson in 1997. That's the best we've done since Baker Field became Wien Stadium in 1984.

Columbia's home winning streak right now stands at 2 with the victories over Dartmouth and Cornell last year. To break the record, the Lions would have to beat a tough Central Connecticut team in the home opener and then Penn at Homecoming. Achieving that would certainly bring the program to a higher level... at least for 2009.

I like breaking things.


At Tue May 19, 05:08:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 1978 we beat Harvard,Princeton and Tied Yale (3-3) Missed a late field goal attempt, at the Yale Bowl.


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