Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Waiting is Underrated

I just want to clarify my policy on publishing the names and bios of incoming freshmen.

As always, nothing you see on this blog can be deemed as "official" when it comes to information about the team. That tag can only be given to items you see on GoColumbiaLions.com, the official site for the athletic department.

I will continue to publish links and my own comments about incoming freshmen who have publicly committed to Columbia in published reports in newspapers and reputable Web sites. I do this because I think each individual young man deserves some recognition just for making it this far. It's also nicer to pick them out individually as the news trickles in rather than waiting for the entire list to come out and "hold our applause to the end."

The last time I updated my very unofficial list was last month and you can see it here.

I do not, and have never, published names or info about players I've heard about via rumors, whispers, Vulcan mind-melds, etc.

So, remember that no official "list" of incoming recruits is really out there as far as I know anyway. We'll have time to parse through any added or lost names from my unofficial list when we see the info on GoColumbiaLions.com.


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