Sunday, April 12, 2009

Forgotten All-American?

Lou Little's best students became coaches themselves

Ask even the best long-time Columbia fans to name the greatest players under Lou Little, and most will probably forget to name Frank Sniadack who made several All-American lists as a star center on those great Lion teams of the mid-1940's.

The best of those teams was the 8-1 squad of 1945 that also featured Eugene Rossides and Lou Kuserow. Sniadack was already a star in the 1944 season, when he as named to the all-star Blue team in the old "Blue-Gray" postseason game.

Sniadack went on to become a legendary high school football coach in his own right at Killingly High School football in Connecticut. And later this month, he will be inducted into the New Britain Sports Hall of Fame.

Sniadack coached for just seven years, but in that time he won three state titles and back-to-back undefeated seasons.

If he's not too busy, maybe he can give some of the current Columbia offensive linemen a few pointers!


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